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Tree & Landscape Minutes May 14, 2013

Granville Tree and Landscape Commission

Meeting of May 14, 2013

Present: Don Hostetter, Lynne Kishler, Dick Mortensen, Don Pheneger

Guests: Regis Birckbichler, Bruce Cramer, Jim Siegel, Darren Willey

Minutes of the April meeting were distributed and approved.

Old Business:

Opera House Park –Facklers was to start the landscaping in the NW corner last week, so it is expected soon.  The work on the bell pedestal is now complete; the work was done by Michael Kraner.  The center, formerly comprised of rubble, is now concrete.  The curing is done, a water resistant coating was applied, and the bell has been reattached. It was rebuilt using the same stones, so it is still original.  The village services department assisted with moving the bell.

Fall plantings- A date needs to be set for a drive-around check of the fall 2012 trees. 

Tree Removals – The services department has removed many trees/stumps on the removal list in recent weeks.

New Business:

Memorial Tree Program - Discussion was held concerning the possibility of merging our memorial tree program with the Bryn Du Mansion Memorial Tree and Bench Program, which is being developed.  Regis provided us with handouts of our own proposal, re-worded and polished.  He included a summary of programs provided by sixteen other towns and universities, a sample donation form, and sample certificate.  We plan to have our memorial tree listing available on the village website. Bruce Cramer shared a sample of their new color tri-fold brochure.  Bryn Du has a master plan for where they would like to locate benches (all wooden, one type costing donors $1000) and trees ($400). Their plan is to have the honorees listed on a map, and not to mark individual trees with a plaque or marker.  There is a lot of space on the grounds, especially along the west fence. Regis noted that Bryn Du has 501c status, making donations tax deductible.  The village currently does not. It is possible that there will be citizens wishing to donate a memorial tree within the village, but outside of the Bryn Du property.

Don Hostetter posed the question, should we entertain combining forces with the Bryn Du memorial tree program, if their board approves and the details are worked out? This would allow us to work together and avoid any duplication of programs. There are questions concerning the blending of the two entities that the village law director should be able to address. 

Dick Mortensen made the motion that the Granville Tree and Landscape Commission move forward and seek further information on a merger of our memorial tree program and the Bryn Du memorial tree and bench program by consulting with the Bryn Du Commission.  Seconded by Don Hostetter. Bruce Cramer will put us on the agenda for their June meeting.  The motion passed unanimously.

We will meet at Bryn Du on Friday morning, May 24th to discuss this further.

Remarks – Darren reported that the two large trees in the front of the NW corner of South Pearl and East Elm will be removed.

The Denison Tree and Landscape Advisory Board will not meet over the summer.

We received a request for a new tree from Cathy Paumier, 329 North Granger St.  A tree estimated to be 100 years old was removed from the treelawn last year.

The next meeting will be June 11th at 7 pm.

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