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Tree & Landscape Special Minutes June 7, 2013

Granville Tree and Landscape Commission

Work Session Friday, June 7, 2013

Attending:  Don Hostetter, Lynne Kishler, Don Pheneger, Dick Mortensen, Jim Siegel

We received an estimate from Klauder for the proposed work in Opera House Park.  It includes resetting @75’ of the stone edge, replacing @50’ with new stones ($3,360); installing a walk around the sign and the bell and resetting existing pavers – new pavers 120 sq. ft. and relaying existing pavers 70 sq. ft. ($1,760); spraying Roundup along the east side of the park where plantings were removed last year, prepping the soil, and re-seeding with grass ($450). Klauder Landscaping has been advised to go ahead with the work.

Jim took the information we had gathered for a new awning to Rev. Applegate. This is for the main entrance to the church annex in Harry Bolen Park.

We received landscape plans for the pedestrian pathway between St. Luke’s and the Granville Historical Society.  Prepared by Klauder, they outline using Globe Thistle (@ 40 plants) and May Night Salvia for a border.  Also included are three permanent raised planters, each 36” in length for the middle section for annuals.  We contacted Linda Reynolds and Lesa Miller for advice on these plants.  Lesa Miller was able to provide pictures of the Globe Thistle. We noted there are no plans for the historical society side.

Sara Jean Wilhelm of West College and Thresher Streets called Don Hostetter to request a Little Twist Cherry tree for in front of her home where a large tree was removed seventeen months ago.  Don advised her of our fall planting rationale, but she insists she will water it. Currently the tree is on sale at Wilson’s Garden Center.  Don gave the okay for the planting, she will send the bill to us, and we will count it in our 2013 street tree planting.

Don H. attended the recent Tree Trimming Committee.  Steve Stilwell, who joined us at this point, feels there are good ways to improve AEP reliability to Granville.

We looked at the most recent site plans of St. Luke’s.  On Monday, June 10th, Keith Myers will present them to the Planning Commission.  On June 11th, he will present them to us at our meeting.

Lynne Kishler asked for clarification of the merger of the memorial tree programs.  We need to decide on our recommended changes to the current brochure the Bryn Du mansion has.  We did recommend they plant 2” to 2 ½” trees instead of the printed 4” ones. As we invision it, in partnering with them, Jurgen Pape would be the contact person; they would handle the administration; we would order the trees.  We would continue to be stewards of the memorial trees formerly planted in the village, along with any additional ones planted as street trees.

Emily Kishler is available to begin entering data into the tree inventory.  It was suggested Jeremy King or Aaron from Denison could assist her in getting started.

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