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Tree & Landscape Special Minutes March 22, 2013

Granville Tree and Landscape Commission

Work Session Friday, March 22, 2013

Attending: Don Hostetter, Don Pheneger, Lynne Kishler, Dick Mortenson, Jim Siegel

Village Manager Steve Stilwell reported to us that St. Luke’s church has applied to the village council to add onto the south end of the current church building.  Steve had copies of the plans to show us.  It was noted that the addition will require the removal of a large maple tree from the current garden area behind the building. Because the church sits on village ground, this is a village tree.  It was also noted that a door is planned for the SW corner of the building, which may require us to alter our landscaping concepts for the adjacent area of the park. Don Hostetter has drafted a letter stressing the need for communication between the church, the village, and the commission during the construction phase and our landscaping improvements to Opera House Park.

Concerning Opera House Park, we may turn our attention to the pedestal for the bell, the brick walk behind the bell, and the stones surrounding the park (under the fencing) that need to be replaced.  It was mentioned that both John Klauder and Mike Flood have replaced individual stones as needed in the past.  Should all the stones be replaced now so they match or should we continue to do that as they deteriorate?  Terry Hopkins will look into who does masonry work and could advise us on the bell support. Dick Mortenson feels there may be extra stones at the Bryn Du Mansion.

Mike Flood is in communication with Terry Hopkins about the re-digging of the tree pits and the re-planting of the new trees in front of CVS.

Our April 4th community seminar on the Emerald Ash Borer and the Asian Longhorn Beetle is on the Bryn Du website, and needs to go on the village website.  Posters should go up by the end of next week.  Don Pheneger has been working on this.

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