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Tree & Landscape Special Minutes May 17, 2013

Granville Tree and Landscape Commission

Work Session Friday, May 17, 2013, Bryn Du mansion

Attending: Don Hostetter, Don Pheneger, Dick Mortensen, Jim Siegel, Lynne Kishler

Jim Siegel reported  -at the Bryn Du mansion- one tree at the end of the walk to the barn is half-dead and needs to be removed.  It was planted last fall; we should let Mike Flood know it needs to be replaced. The rest of the trees in the row look okay.

Opera House Park – The benches will be delivered by Friesingers today at 2:00 pm. The wood slats have been replaced with a composite material. In the past Jim had been re-varnishing them each year.

Jim attended The Cemetery Board once-a-year meeting.  Members of the committee include Paul Jenks who represents the township and Connie Barsky who is the chairman.  Lynn Boone is taking over for Flo Hoffman. The Old Colony Burying Ground is under our domain.  Dawes did a survey four-five years ago, and we have a copy of that inventory.  Jim reported that one medium-age maple tree has come down. We will be in contact with them as to any additional trees desired for the cemetery.

Steve Stilwell sat in on our meeting to discuss the merger of the memorial tree program with the new program at Bryn Du.  Don Hostetter said care of the trees would be provided by Bryn Du. Steve would like to see a memorial tree layer on the village website.  He also mentioned that our GIS update will become more valuable as the EAB infestation becomes more widespread.  He proposed writing out the need to expand the program with Bryn Du.

Steve also advised that it may be that during the excavation of the addition to the rear of St. Luke’s church that dirt is carried out through the south side of Opera House Park, perhaps through Harry Bolen Park. There may be a temporary construction easement.  Steve feels St. Luke’s could be approached about making a contribution to Opera House Park to offset any damage caused by construction.  A new storm sewer will be going in soon between Lisa McKivergin’s office and the St. Luke’s office building that will connect to Main St.

We discussed the possibility of hiring a student or perhaps a retired teacher to update the GIS/memorial tree layer.

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