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Tree & Landscape Special Minutes May 31, 2013

Granville Tree and Landscape Commission

Friday, May 31, 2013

Attending: Don Hostetter, Lynne Kishler, Dick Mortensen, Don Pheneger, Jim Siegel

Guests:  Stephen Applegate, Jurgen Pape, Devon Rittenhouse

Rev. Stephen Applegate brought church plans for the proposed addition which we reviewed.  We are in agreement that they can continue to plant annuals in the beds bordering the church annex, which falls inside Harry Bolen Park.  They would like to have the magnolia and the serviceberry trees located close to the building removed.  They would also like to do some trimming/removal of the taxus bushes under the awning.  They are requesting to take this area on for the purposes of planting and maintenance, with the work being done (planting and weeding) by Devon Rittenhouse.

The church sees the project – church, church addition, pedestrian pathway, church annex, Opera House Park, and Harry Bolen Park-  as an “integration the corner.” The entire area has been surveyed recently. Keith Myers, architect and member of St. Luke’s, will present the plans to the Planning Commission on June 10th and to us on June 11th at our monthly meeting.

Don H. described how we decided to do our park renovation plan incrementally.  He also noted the potential loss of the mature maple tree in back of the church. Dick M. asked Rev. Applegate about their plans for the stairwell on the west side of the church.  They will eliminate it if allowed to do so – it will not be needed with the addition’s lower level exit and currently contributes to water problems in the church as rain water spills freely down the steps. 

The entire area has been surveyed recently.  Their mechanicals are planned for the east side of the park, screened by shrubs, which they have offered to maintain.  We also discussed the proposed entrance/exit spot for the dump trucks to remove dirt during excavation of the church addition – this is proposed to be through the western entrance to the park between the current mature burning bushes on the Main Street side and will proceed through the park. The burning bush to the south along the fence would likely need to be removed and the slight slope re-graded afterward.  There was concern over damage to park plantings during this process, which the church has agreed to replace, and questions arose as to why the entrance/exit points have to be through the park.  The new asphalt to the rear of the church and Park National Bank will not have cured enough to withstand the weight of the trucks by next April when the work is slated to begin.

In response to Dick Mortensen’s inquiry, Jurgen Pape presented us with the drawing for the access points/drive at the rear NW corner of the mansion. They currently have only the Jones Rd entrance/exit.  The mansion needs, and has the option to build, an access road with a gate. He discussed the history of what was attempted during the past several years to maintain the right-of-way for that to be possible.

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