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Tree & Landscape Minutes December 10, 2013

Granville Tree and Landscape Commission

Meeting of December 10, 2013

Present: Don Hostetter, Lynne Kishler, Dick Mortensen, Don Pheneger

Guests: Michelle Lerner, Jim Siegel


The minutes of the November meeting were distributed and approved. Michelle Lerner commented on the tree removal list mentioned in the minutes.  She would like to add the large sugar maple on the Summit Street side of her property to the list.  She has provided us with pictures of the tree in the past, and it is in decline.  Terry Hopkins will be contacted regarding the request.


Fall tree planting – Forty-one new trees were ordered and planted by Klauder, not forty-two as was previously recorded. Albyn’s replaced a yellowwood on Shawn Ct. that was planted in 2012 and died.


Tree City USA Application – Don Hostetter and Mollie Prasher submitted the application online on Dec. 6th which was ahead of the deadline.  It is on file upstairs at the village office. Our expenditures for 2013 included $9998 for new trees. (We actually had forty-one planted by Klauder, not forty-two as previously reported.) Data for the village services department included 474 hours @$13,000 for trimming/pruning, 799 hours @$23,000 for removals, @$11,000 for equipment, along with other areas such as work done in Opera House Park.  Our commission volunteer hours totaled 647 hours at @$12,000. The dollar costs are exact on the application. The goal of the Tree City USA designation is to have each community spend more on urban forestry each year.  In 2013 Granville spent $100,211.66 on the tree program, which comes out to just over $25 per resident.

We may qualify for the Growth Award based on the partnering with Denison University (4pts) and the acquisition of additional grant money from the village for Opera House Park (8pts).  Ten points are necessary for the Growth Award. Don Hostetter attended a breakfast at Denison. The new president wants to see increased student involvement in the community so we may be able to utilize students in the tree program, the tree inventory, and the park.

Opera House Park –We reviewed progress on the park’s renovation and what was accomplished this year:  the clearing and then planting of the northwest corner with new perennials, the masonry reconstruction of the bell pedestal, and the replacement of many stones around the fence. Also the benches were refurbished and re-installed, and there was additional brick put in behind the bell to create a walkway to the historical marker and to connect the two Broadway corners.  The east side was tilled and seeded with grass as a temporary solution to make the area usable and more attractive. Next year we should be able to put permanent plantings in the northeast corner, and when St. Luke’s addition is completed, begin work on the east and south sides of the park.

Spring Community Seminar -Don Hostetter has communicated to Bruce Cramer our desire to hold another spring seminar at the mansion. We discussed potential topics of pruning, mulching around trees, tree selection, and the responsibilities residents have for their street trees.  Also discussed was possibly coordinating the seminar with AEP.  Could this be a good opportunity for a forum on the upcoming scheduled pruning? Could this tie in with tree species selection?  Would it be appropriate to do one seminar in the spring, and another in the fall, closer to the start of AEP’s trimming?

Reports/Remarks -Michelle Lerner reported that the budget for 2014 was approved by Village Council.

Jim Siegel reported on the Denison Tree and Landscape Advisory Board meeting he attended.  The recent twenty-eight page master plan was reviewed, including proposed changes which will affect the landscape and require new plantings.  Of note will be an upgrade to the flagpole area outside Slayter Hall.

Don Hostetter will draft a letter of appreciation to Emily Kishler for updating the village’s tree inventory.

Don H. congratulated Michelle on her new position as Headmaster at Welsh Hills School. 

The next meeting will be January 14th at 7 pm.

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