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Tree & Landscape Minutes October 8, 2013

Granville Tree and Landscape Commission

October 8, 2013

Present:  Lynne Kishler, Dick Mortensen, Don Pheneger

Guests: Michelle Lerner, Jim Patin, Darren Willey

Dick Mortensen led the meeting; Don Hostetter is out of town. The minutes of the September meeting were distributed and approved.

Old Colony Burying Ground -Jim Patin of the Union Cemetery Board came to discuss the trees planned for the Old Colony Burying Ground.  Jim has talked to Don Hostetter and Jim Siegel. Three tree sites have been located in the cemetery, one of which is a replacement.  Jim Patin will contact Terry Hopkins concerning a stump that needs to be removed. Cemetery records go back to 1876 and they believe there will be no issues or surprises in planting these three trees.  The Tree and Landscape Commission has selected Sugar Maple, Swamp White Oak, and Sweet Gum.  We will inform Jim P. as soon as we know the landscape contractor and planting date so arrangements for access into the cemetery, etc. can be made.

Jim Patin lives in The Colony on Carreg Cain.  He reported that the homeowners association had McCullough Tree Service prune and feed the trees in the center island areas as well as some street trees last year.  He asked about pruning and feeding policies done in the village on street trees.

Fall Planting Sites – Don Pheneger distributed lists of the latest fall tree sites and selections made by the commission.  On October 7th Don H. sent bid requests to Fackler’s, Klauder, Mike Flood (Albyn’s) and Marc Brockman(Timber Run). These are due back by October 18th.  The residents of Onnen Ct. have selected five Black Gums (Tupelo) for the street trees and three Korean Dogwoods for the large island.

S.E. Ohio Tree Conference in Athens –Dick and Don H. attended.  Dick reported that Ann Bonner gave an interesting and entertaining talk on the conflicts of sidewalks and trees. The Hemlock Woolly Adelgid is now in Ohio, having “jumped” the Ohio River.  They are attempting to control - by spraying – in the Wayne National Forest.  It has also been found in the Hocking Hills.  The attendees heard a report about the Asian Longhorned Beetle infestation and isolation efforts in Clermont County.

Fall Urban Forestry Conference – Dick, Don P., Lynne, and Darren will attend this on October 17th at Westgate Park in Columbus.

Granville Senior Living Project – Michelle Lerner noted there will be earth-moving to mitigate flooding potential in the area. The facility will be built close to Weaver Drive, not close to Raccoon Creek.

Remarks – Lynne will get in touch with Michelle Lerner in December concerning recognizing Emily Kishler’s work updating the tree inventory.

The next meeting will be November 12th at 7:00 pm.

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