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Tree & Landscape May 13, 2014

Granville Tree and Landscape Commission

Meeting of May 13, 2014

Members Present:  Don Hostetter, Lynne Kishler, Dick Mortensen, Don Pheneger, Jim Siegel

Guests: Dan Bellman, Bill Dargusch, Michelle Lerner, Darren Willey


Bill Dargusch was present to give us an update on the addition to St. Luke’s Episcopal Church. The start has been delayed until July.  The final drawings are finished and the bids are out now.  A memo of understanding between the church and the village concerning the use of part of Opera House Park has been agreed upon and is ready to be signed.  The construction company will attempt to save the maple tree behind the church.  They will repair the stone wall.  The removal of the stairs and lower level door on the park side will be dependent on the fire codes.  Don Pheneger asked about the timing of the work on the west side (windows, removal of pipes, etc.)so we could landscape that edge of the park.  Bill felt that section would not be completed first. Bill will be back to update us at our June meeting.

Minutes of the April meeting were approved. 

Discussion followed about farm equipment using West Broadway.  Lynne Kishler observed a farming vehicle with rounded tires drive up onto the islands and over the daffodils and bushes when there were cars parked on the westbound side of the street.  We will look into how this might be prevented.

Lynne attended the Village Council meeting on May 7th, presented the new Tree City USA flag, 23-year stickers and Growth Award, and thanked council for their on-going support of the tree program. Discussion followed about displaying the flags on Broadway during the last week of April each year and also having one permanently in the council chamber.  Lynne and Darren Willey will work on this.

Lynne reported on the Arbor Day tree planting ceremony at Granville Intermediate School. Poster contest winners were:  Olivia Libertini, Sarah Lodge, Abby Knobeloch, Michael Donelan, and Dylan Kretchmar.  Rain forced the ceremony indoors, but afterwards six other fifth grade students assisted with planting the Jane Magnolia in the front lawn of the school.  Regis Birckbichler helped with the event. An article with two pictures appeared in The Sentinel.

Concerning the trees on North Pearl St., Don Hostetter read a letter he had written to Steve Stilwell.  Removal decisions are still pending.  We have not yet been notified of the date AEP anticipates work on the pole replacement will begin.  A subcommittee of Lights, Safety ,Streets and Sidewalks, and Utilities – LSSU-  along with Don H., Steve Stilwell, and Michelle Lerner will do a site walk tomorrow morning of the trees under the power lines. 

Dan Bellman spoke.  As a resident of North Pearl St. and member of the former Tree Trimming Committee, he doesn’t feel any trees need to be removed at this time when the new poles are placed.  He quoted the equation of 2’ plus 10% of the pole height will be above ground.  A trimming of 10’ beneath the new lines will mean 25’ above ground will be available for trees.  In particular, he has spoken with the homeowner who lives on the NE corner of Summit and North Pearl Streets who is concerned he will lose all the shade for the porch of his home for the length of time he anticipates living there.  

Don H. advised Dan that the commission has been selecting species that are appropriate for planting beneath power lines.  Lynne assured him that discussions were always planned for with all affected homeowners prior to any removal decisions.  Homeowners will also take part in the decision of which new trees, from the approved list, are chosen for in front of their homes.  Don H. invited Dan to join the site walk on May 14th.

Survey of fall tree planting –On May 8th two American Hornbeams on N. Granger St. were found to be dead; they will be replaced by John Klauder. All others look good, with some that need to be watched because they have not leafed out yet.   The eighteen trees on Newark-Granville Rd. are all blooming.

Jurgen Pape will do directional pruning on the trees planted in 2011, 2012, and 2013.  He will charge per tree for the work.


Michelle asked about the browning of many boxwoods following the harsh winter.  Many are being given the advice to wait and give the bushes time to see if they recover.

Darren reported the services department has finished trimming and removals on New Burg St. and will remove the stumps and complete the job.  Denison University complimented the work done there.  The Homestead received the cut wood.

The next meeting will be June 10th at 7:00 pm.

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