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Tree & Landscape Minutes April 8, 2014

Granville Tree and Landscape Commission

Meeting of April 8, 2014

Present:  Don Hostetter, Lynne Kishler, Dick Mortensen, Don Pheneger, Linda Reynolds

Guests: Jeremy King, Michelle Lerner

Minutes of the March meeting were approved.


Old Business:


North Pearl Street tree removals and replacements – Don H. circulated copies of the current removal list in the village, including the list of selected trees on North Pearl St to be considered for removal prior to AEP placing new poles. Commission members have looked at these trees. Don H. has discussed this with resident Dan Bellman who had questions.  Terry Hopkins will conduct door-to-door conversations with homeowners.  AEP’s presence would facilitate the conversations.  This has been recommended by the utility forester.  It is a good time to plant the right trees in the right spots for future growth under the power lines.  An article will be published ahead of time to notify Granville residents.


Michelle Lerner (also a North Pearl St. resident) suggested that we stagger the removals over a few years to lessen the impact of removing/replacing all 23 trees at once. Jeremy also felt this would be less severe and more easily accepted by the community.  Commission members liked this approach.


Opera House Park – Twenty-four of the sandstone border stones disintegrated to dust with this winter’s below zero temperatures. Don H. contacted John Klauder, who has already replaced them.


New Business:


The Tree City USA event will be April 17th in New Albany at the Winding Hollow Golf Course. Don Pheneger, Lynne Kishler, Dick Mortensen, and Darren Willey will attend.


Arbor Day Poster Contest and Tree Planting – Lynne has been in contact with the principal and the fifth grade teachers at Granville Intermediate School and it is set for Friday, April 25th at 1:00 pm. Don H. has contacted Mike Flood about a tree and John Smith concerning an AEP donation; both have agreed.



Michelle Lerner has let Steve Stilwell know that we will need additional funds to pay for extra help with the landscaping in the Broadway beds and Opera House Park.


Jeremy King - on April 17th Darren Hauck will do a wildflower and tree walk at noon.  A Denison alum will be donating five smaller flowering trees for the south side of Chapel Walk. This summer Denison will be transferring their tree inventory data to a Google software format. Jeremy advised that Dawes will be doing more community service – they will be offering some help for free.  Gina Dow is working with Denison students who need service hours to graduate – that could be a source of help for us. We may also contact Jim Reding for high school student involvement.


The next meeting will be May 13th at 7:00 pm.

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