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Tree & Landscape Minutes February 11, 2014

Granville Tree and Landscape Commission


Meeting of February 11, 2014

Present: Don Hostetter, Don Pheneger, Linda Reynolds, Michelle Lerner

Guests: Jeremy King, Jurgen Pape


Minutes of January 14, 2014 meeting were approved.


Don Hostetter provided an update on arrangements for the Village urban forestry seminar at Bryn Du mansion. The date is March 11, 2014 at 7:00 PM. Frits Rizor will present a lecture on “Sustainable Practices for the Landscape.” Don H. will request a current biographical sketch from Frits for publicity purposes in media announcements before the event.


Jeremy King, Director of Sustainability and chair of the Denison Tree & Landscape Committee, appeared in support of increasing collaborative efforts between Denison University (DU) and the Village Tree & Landscape Commission (T&LC) when practical. He is particularly interested in supporting the March 11, 2014 seminar at Bryn Du and the Village program for Arbor Day at the intermediate school (Friday, April 25, 2014). Members present unanimously supported this proposal emphasizing the benefits that will result for both Denison and Granville Village.


 Jim Siegel suggested the possibility of a memorial tree commemorating the life and contributions of Mr. Ted Barkley who recently died. Mr. Barkley was a faculty member of the DU athletic department who made significant contributions to the community.  J. King indicated it might be possible to select a prominent site between the Village and DU for a tree (e.g. adjacent to Monomoy House).


A brief discussion of the T&LC budget and projected expenditures ensued with a resolution to request additional labor for L. Reynolds during the spring planting season (APR - MAY). Linda has a tentative arrangement with two members of her staff to assist with the planting. Linda estimates that labor would require 40 - 60 hrs.


Future maintenance of Opera House Park (OHP) was also discussed. A request to the Village Manager and Council for consideration of additional funds to support a “full-time, part-time” worker beginning in FY 2015 will be initiated. It was suggested that this individual be assigned to the Services Department with primary duties of maintenance and monitoring plantings and hardscape at OHP as well as the Broadway beds and the area around the Village Offices. Secondary responsibilities could be maintenance of the Village computerized tree inventory as well as other duties appropriate for the skill level of the person selected. This proposal would be contingent upon available funding and approval of the Director of the Services department.


T&LC along with J. King, will continue to seek a student intern for hourly labor to maintain the village tree inventory for the remainder of this year. It was also suggested that if no response is forthcoming from DU that a similar search be initiated within the science department at Granville High School.


Mr. Jurgen Pape was an invited guest and has accepted our request to preform “training pruning” of street trees that were planted in 2011-2013. Jurgen has performed this service in previous years and we need to continue to use his expertise in pruning to ensure our street trees are developing to their full capacity.


A brief discussion of alternative funding sources for the T&LC was conducted with several new ideas and approaches of possible additional support considered.


Preliminary review of the “memorandum of understanding” between the principals (Village, St. Luke’s, & Midstate Contractors Inc.) was conducted. Appropriate comments and suggestions were noted for revision before forwarding to the Village Manager.


The next scheduled meeting of the T&LC will be March 18, 2014 at 7:00 P.M.

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