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Tree & Landscape Minutes January 14, 2014

Granville Tree and Landscape Commission

Meeting of January 14, 2014

Present:  Don Hostetter, Lynne Kishler, Don Pheneger, Dick Mortensen, Linda Reynolds

Guests:  Bill Hanes, Jim Siegel, Darren Willey


Minutes of the December meeting were approved.


Don Hostetter attended the Nurseryman’s Show at the Ohio Expo Center and brought copies of the new Acorn Farms Price Guide.


St. Luke’s Construction -Don Hostetter will prepare a memo to St. Luke’s Episcopal Church establishing open communication and an understanding of responsibility between the village and the church and construction company.  Meetings so far between Don Hostetter, Darren Willey, and Terry Hopkins and with Steve Stilwell and Steve Applegate have gone well.


Bill Hanes, of St. Luke’s, presented us with an aerial picture of the SE corner of town that highlighted the construction zones and how much of Opera House Park will be used and taped off for safety.  He answered our questions and gave us copies of a timeline the construction company prepared, showing a start date of April 20 and an end date in early December. He explained that the west side of the building will be cleaned up, pipes removed, stairwell filled in, and lower windows replaced.  They will try to give us back as much of the park as quickly as possible, moving the safety fence to the south.  The excavation in the rear of the church will be only four feet deep.


We discussed what we will have to do prior to the construction.  The underground irrigation system will need to be removed and put back in new, the lamp posts (west side and southeast side) will need to be removed and stored. Watering this summer will need to be done manually from the faucet.  Their contractor will photograph the parts of the park to be used and offered to store our bench and marker. We also discussed whether or not the pavers in Harry Bolen Park should come up ahead of time, and the feeling was they probably should.  They will be careful of the trees in the SW corner.  Dick Mortensen asked if the cement trucks would be able to pump cement in for the basement walls from the street or from the bank parking lot.


Jim Siegel asked about the stairway up from the back area.  Bill said it will go on the west side as Sunday school is held in their office building.


Bill Hanes expressed appreciation for our patience. They feel Mid-State should stay on time; they were very pleased with them in the past.


Don H. has talked to Terry Hopkins about Michelle Lerner’s maple and it’s on the removal list.  He will contact Jurgen Pape about trimming young trees this year.


Darren Willey asked about the suckers on the Gingkos in the uptown tree pits.  Lisa Bowers advised us to cut them off.  The presence of prolific suckers is most always a bad sign for the health of the tree. Discussion followed on the tree pits uptown.


We have not yet heard from Tree City USA.  Don H. sent an email to Carie Kraner about our budgeted amount from the village.  We should receive what we had last year.

Don H. will set an April date with Bruce Cramer for our annual community seminar.


We will continue to pursue having a student for the tree inventory.


It was noted that Klauder’s employees did a lot of hand digging when planting the trees in December.


Linda Reynolds will need help this spring with planting the Broadway beds @May 17th-31st.  She has two employees from the Cherry Valley Lodge who are interested in picking up extra work, perhaps two-plus hours a day after work. The village could pay an hourly wage. She wants to see much less mulch used this year in the Broadway beds.


The next meeting will be February 11th at 7:00 pm.

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