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Tree & Landscape Minutes June 10, 2014

Granville Tree and Landscape Commission

Meeting of June 10, 2014

Present:  Don Hostetter, Lynne Kishler, Dick Mortensen, Don Pheneger, Linda Reynolds, Jim Siegel

Guests:  Michelle Lerner, Jurgen Pape, John Smith, Darren Willey, Dan Bellman


Minutes of the May meeting were approved with a correction. Jurgen Pape trimmed the trees planted in 2011, 2012, 2013.  Jurgen presented us with a report of the work done on 138 trees. In summary, he found the young trees to be in good shape.  He was pleased to find homeowners had not piled mulch as high around trees as he had seen in the past.  The new yellow wood trees are looking good.  Some maples look good; others not so good.  He discovered the homeowners at 137 Wicklow have planted a red bud and a gingko in the tree lawn. Jurgen complimented the tree planting program for the quality and diversity of new trees planted.  He suggested we consider planting some horse chestnuts in the future. Don Hostetter thanked Jurgen for his work and his detailed report.

Fall Survey – Two American Hornbeams planted last fall have died on North Granger St. One Sweet Gum in the Old Colony Burying Ground did not survive the winter. Two trees on Donegal Drive that died showed obvious weed whacker damage. We received a tree request at 221 South Mulberry where an ash was recently removed. At 222 South Mulberry homeowners had put out a sign advising motorists not to park under a street maple tree because it dropped branches.  The village has since trimmed that tree, which likely suffered damage during the derecho in 2012.

Discussion followed about farm equipment using West Broadway and driving over the islands.  Linda reported there is damage on both sides of the islands – equipment driving east and west through town, damaging the plantings and also the irrigation system. Is it possible to find out who is doing it so they can be communicated with? Can they be fined for damages? Don Hostetter will talk to the police department about the issue.  Michelle will bring it up with village council. When there are no cars parked along the street there is adequate room for the equipment.

Concerning North Pearl Street, Terry Hopkins has been attempting to contact Windstream and Time Warner Cable and others with lines attached lower on the power poles to see where they will put their lines on the new poles – will it be at the current height or will it be higher?  John Smith advised that the new poles will be set slightly closer to the sidewalk than the current ones.  The lines will be live when transferred to the new poles.  We do not yet have a start date from AEP, or word back from the other utilities to Terry.  He will meet with homeowners once that happens. 

Opera House Park -There is no word yet concerning a starting date for St. Luke’s addition.  The fence surrounding the park was painted at a cost of $600.

Dick Mortensen commented on the trees that have died on the west side of the post office. At least two  sets of trees planted in the last several years have all died.  Don Pheneger suggested a soil test be conducted.  Darren Willey advised that the tree pits in front of the brick building on North Prospect (former Del Mar Restaurant) will be redone with new soil. The extra site preparation in the tree pits in front of CVS appears to have been worthwhile.

Don Hostetter complimented Linda Reynolds for the planting done in the Broadway Beds.  He has heard compliments from neighbors on West Broadway.  She also planted flowers at the bell in Opera House Park and at the Village Office.

The Granville Historical Society will submit landscape plans to the commission for the rear of the new addition once the work at St. Luke’s is completed.

Don Hostetter and Jim Siegel were both quoted in an article published in the Advocate today which will also appear in the Sentinel this week concerning the Emerald Ash Borer.  The timing is good, following our plan to keep residents notified and informed.  Dick Mortensen commented on a study being done to hybridize American ash trees with resistant Asian ash trees.  Saplings with this genetic material are being grown in Wooster, Ohio.

John Smith reported that AEP will be removing all ash trees near power lines, including ash trees on private property and in the rear of some residences. He asked when would be a good time to do that removal work in respect to other work going on in the village. Darren felt probably fall/winter when other planned work – and traffic disruption – will have finished. Terry Hopkins, Steve Stilwell, and Darren will discuss this timing.  Dan Bellman suggested that residents could be informed of AEP’s work through a notice on the water bills.

Jim Siegel asked Darren to have the services department do some limbing up work on the SE corner of South Pearl and East Elm Streets.

There will be no meeting in July.  The next meeting will be August 12th at 7:00 pm.

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