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February 10, 2015 Tree & Landscape Minutes

Granville Tree & Landscape Commission

Meeting Minutes

February 10, 2015

Present:  Don Hostetter, Linda Reynolds, Don Pheneger, Jim Siegel

Absent:  Lynne Kishler, Dick Mortensen 

Guests: Michelle Lerner, Darren Willey, Jeremy King/Denison

Citizens Comments:  Mr. Jim Schoenenberger, 101 Mt. Parnassus Drive

Official minutes of January 10, 2015 meeting were not available but tentatively approved based on the electronic copy received by commissioners prior to the absence of secretary Kishler.

The first item was the concern of Mr. Schoenenberger, 101 Mt. Parnassus Dr. re: a large silver maple that abuts his property on the south side of the intersection of Granville/Newark Rd and Mt. Parnassus Drive. This tree has, and is, dropping dead limbs that present a clear and present danger to Mr. Schoenenberger’s property and children who await the school bus. Minimal trimming has been done in the past by AEP.  This tree needs to be evaluated ASAP and either properly trimmed or scheduled for removal to mitigate possible personal injury to school children and property. Mr. Schoenenberger has sustained damage to his home from falling limbs from this tree in the past and has requested evaluation. Darren Willey, Services Dept. will pursue this evaluation and recommend a course of action ASAP.

Don Hostetter presented a brief update on the current AEP tree trimming along the major electric circuits throughout the Village. Work is progressing on schedule and at this time no major controversies have surfaced from Village residents. Although removal of some of the large maples have been noted by Village residents. Jeremy King voiced concern about the “clear cut” proposed on the north side of the intersection of Cedar/Granger/Welsh Hills Rd at the north end of the Village. He noted that several dogwoods were in this area and suggested that these should be spared since they wouldn’t grow to heights that would interfere with AEP transmission lines. This request was directed to Darren Willey for evaluation with the Services Director, Mr. Terry Hopkins and field representatives of AEP and Asplundh Tree Trimming with the suggestion that this area be re-examined and tree species of “value” (i.e. dogwoods) be identified, and spared from removal.

Don Hostetter reported that commissioners Kishler, Pheneger, Mortensen and Hostetter had enrolled in the freshman class of the ODNR-Forestry Division sponsored Tree Academy Class scheduled May 13 & 14 2015 at the Reynoldsburg campus of ODNR. This workshop will provide the latest pertinent information on management and selection of street trees for municipalities.

Don Hostetter presented a brief update on Opera House Park renovation. The design phase of the proposed improvement for Opera House Park was initiated with Mr. Frits Rizor, Instructor of Landscape Design & Materials Estimations at Hocking College, Nelsonville, OH and his current class of five students (5) Mathew Dawson, Dan Williams, Brady Schardine, Ben Carsey & Jeff Bocook on Jan. 22, 2015. Mr. Ken Rittenhouse, Principal Landscape Designer, John Klauder & Associates, Granville, OH will mentor the students and provide guidance during the design phase. The project was outlined by Don Hostetter and Rev. Steven Applegate Rector, St. Luke’s Episcopal Church and Mr. Terry Hopkins, Director Village Services Department.  Parameters were set, questions answered and measurements were made by the students. The goal is to accept a suitable design and implementation of plants and materials with the goal for completion no later than May 08 2015. Progress on this project will be presented at the March 10 2015 T & L meeting.

Mr. Jeremy King, Chair Denison University T & L Committee presented information on utilization of the current Village tree inventory data in a visual display format that transposes the current G. P. S. spreadsheet data into a very “user friendly” tool when integrated into Google Maps. Jeremy will provide additional information and a tutorial to get this project started. This will be a very useful tool in managing the Village street trees!

Brief reports were presented by Michelle Lerner and Darren Willey on current topics pertinent to the Tree & Landscape Commission. No discussion of the proposed solar field project at Denison occurred at this meeting. Adjournment was shortly before 8:00 PM.

The next scheduled meeting of the T & L Commission is March 10, 2015.

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