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January 13, 2015 Tree & Landscape Minutes

Granville Tree and Landscape Commission

January 13, 2015

Members present:  Don Hostetter, Lynne Kishler, Dick Mortensen, Don Pheneger, Linda Reynolds

Guests:  Jeremy King, Michelle Lerner, Darren Willey

Minutes of the December 2014 meeting were distributed and approved.

Fall planting report – Albyn’s Landscaping got all the trees planted and they look good.  Since then, we’ve had requests for new street trees - from the resident at 101 Ballymore -an ash replacement - and one from the homeowner at 222 South Mulberry St. where a maple was removed last summer. Darren Willey advised that ash replacements should be considered for the properties north of Cedar St. on Rt. 661 across from Denison where several were recently removed.

AEP has begun their every four-five year trimming work in the village.  Along with earlier notifications, the village office sent a phone blast to alert residents. Don H. said the most noticeable trimming planned for will take place on the east side of Jones Rd, much of which is brush. The homeowner at 203 West Elm St. approached Michelle Lerner that he is concerned about the unbalanced lean of trees recently trimmed by AEP. Don Hostetter will check on this. Linda Reynolds will contact them concerning protecting a larch on her property.

Applications for the Tree Academy class in May are available.  Carie Kraner will send in the fee for those attending. 

Opera House Park – Don Hostetter has a meeting scheduled January 22nd with Steve Stilwell, Stephen Applegate, Frits Rizor, Terry Hopkins, and five Hocking College students concerning the project for the east and south sides of the park.

Frits Rizor has a presentation on Urban Site Index he will give at one of our upcoming meetings.


Michelle Lerner reported that ODOT will be clearing all trees and brush between the Welsh Hills School and the Jehovah’s Witness church by the end of February to begin work on the Cherry Valley Road interchange.  This timing is because the area is a bat habitat and cannot be disturbed between March and June.  Besides natural undergrowth, the acres include some maples, box elders, and cherry trees.  Michelle is hoping fast-growing shrubs and trees can be planted to buffer the school property from the interchange. The fact that this is the eastern gateway to the village should be considered.

Jeremy King reported there will be a meeting January 20th of the Denison Tree and Landscape Advisory Committee.  Dr. Harry Heft, an expert on human interaction with constructed landscapes, will be present as proposed landscaping changes for the campus will be presented.  Denison’s solar array project did receive a conditional zoning permit.

The next meeting will be February 10th at 7:00 pm.

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