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January 30, 2015 Tree & Landscape Minutes Special

Granville Tree and Landscape Commission

Friday, January 30, 2015

Present: Don Hostetter, Lynne Kishler, Don Pheneger

A request has come from Robert Williams on Mt. Parnassus for the removal of a maple tree.  It is currently on the removal list. Mr. Williams feels a second tree on his property should also be considered for removal.  He submitted photos of the yard and trees in question.

Terry Hopkins, Stephen Applegate, Ken Rittenhouse, Frits Rizor, and five students from Hocking College met with Don Hostetter in Opera House Park January 22nd to discuss renovations on the east and south sides.  The students took measurements to begin on their design assignment. St. Luke’s will have drawings approved by the village council for the stairwell exit and drain on the west side of the church/east side of Opera House Park.  The structure and drain have to be brought up to current codes.

Karen Jackson has been contacted about laying the brick walk from the NE corner of the park to the SE corner.  Her previous estimate was based on $18 per square foot, totaling approximately $6000 for the completed project.  We will notify them of our timing so we can get the project on their schedule.

We discussed the prospect of a memorial for Bea Mack in Opera House Park.  Don Hostetter presented the idea to Ron Mack of using the “cookie” or slice that he has from the elm tree that stood in the treelawn on Broadway until the fire in 1982. It has been previously discussed that this could be preserved and used to depict a timeline of Granville’s history, and would need to be protected from the weather by a structure. Lynne Kishler will contact Kathy Raker who has collected funds for a memorial, and also Lisa Bowers who may know of contact persons for a project like this.

Don Hostetter shared the landscaping proposal packet that was presented at the Denison Tree and Landscape Advisory Board meeting.  Most of the work is planned for the quad side of Huffman Hall and the Washington Drive entrance.

Terry Hopkins has contacted John Klauder to do the spring planting of trees on North Pearl Street that will replace those removed during the AEP project.  It may be possible at that time to also plant trees at 101 Ballymore and 222 South Mulberry where trees have been requested by homeowners.

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