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July 14, 2015 Tree & Landscape Minutes

Granville Tree and Landscape Commission


July 14, 2015

Present: Don Hostetter, Dick Mortenson, Don Pheneger, Linda Reynolds, Jim Siegel Ex Officio

Absent: Lynne Kishler 

Guests: Mr. Tim Schoenenberger, 101 Mt. Parnassus

Don Hostetter called the meeting to order at 7:10 PM and recognized Mr. Schoenenberger who reiterated (February 10, 2015 T & L meeting) his continued concern about falling branches and debris from the silver maple in front of his residence at the intersection of Mt. Parnassus and Granville/Newark Rd. He requested that his tree be removed or trimmed as it presents safety hazard for school children who await buses at this intersection as well as to his residence. This tree has been designated for removal by the Services Dept; however, due to its size and location special equipment will be required. Mr. Schoenenberger stated he would contact Terry Hopkins, Director of the Services Dept. to expedite his request. 

The minutes from the June 09, 1015 were reviewed and approved. Don Hostetter presented an update on the stairwell on the West side of St. Luke’s church in Opera House Park (OHP). The drainage system has been installed and the construction work has been completed with the exception of the decorative railing that will surround the stairwell. Don Hostetter contacted Rev. Applegate about re-installation of St. Luke’s stone wall at the west end of the church. Rev. Applegate state re-installation was not imminent and that our landscaping should proceed. The boundary from the SW corner of St. Luke’s to the asphalt walkway separating OHP from St. Luke’s parish house will be re-defined. Space will be allocated for future installation of the removed stone wall and any damage to OHP at the time of re-installation would be the responsibility of St. Luke’s. 

Significant progress has been made with integrating the currently available village tree inventory data into a Google Maps platform. This was achieved during the last week of Logan Smith’s, (Denison Univ.) internship in cooperation with Jeremy King also of Denison. A program is now in place to update and utilize this tool in managing street trees in the village. The “running total” of trees removed throughout the village will be compiled by the Services Dept and available in the near future. 

Weather and construction delays have precluded replacement of removed trees on N. Pearl Street during the spring months. Planting will probably not occur until this fall. Terry Hopkins and Don Hostetter surveyed planting sites along the North side of Jones Rd. from its intersection with Granville/Newark Rd to just South of Bryn Du mansion where 21 ash trees have been removed. Thirty Eight (38) trees can be planted (30 ft spacing) in this area. Medium size flowering species will be proposed since power lines are present. Twenty Six (26) additional sites have been designated throughout the village all as a result of removal due to emerald ash borer infestation. The estimated cost of replacing these sixty four (64) trees is $22,400.00 and will be submitted to the Village Council for consideration. 

Linda Reynolds was charged with revising a planting diagram for the East side of OHP based on the student designs submitted in March by Landscape design students at Hocking College. Five plans were submitted based on specified parameters. The plan submitted by student Brady Schardine (with minor modification of the pathway), was selected by the T & L. A working diagram delineating specifics will be drafted so bidding can be requested for this phase of construction. 

Don Pheneger presented his design for a kiosk memorializing Bea Mack a native of Granville whose husband, Ron, a former chief of the Granville Volunteer Fire Department, who served for 42 yrs. Don Pheneger’s design was enthusiastically approved by those present. Ron was on duty in April, 1984 when the Opera House burned to the ground. A huge American elm tree in front of the Opera House at the corner of W. Broadway and S. Main Street died as a result of the fire. A four inch (4”) cross section of this tree was salvaged at the time of its removal and has since been in the possession of the Mack family. The section will be prepared as a historic exhibit with significant events of Granville history noted by the annual growth rings. Donations of family and friends of the Mack family will provide for this memorial. The final design and location of the kiosk within OHP is pending; however, 

Representatives from the Village Council, Services Department, Denison University, and AEP were not in attendance and the meeting was adjourned at 8:10 PM. 

Next meeting will be August 11, 2015.

Submitted July 16, 2015.

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