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Tree & Landscape Minutes June 9, 2015

Granville Tree and Landscape Commission

June 9, 2015

Present:  Don Hostetter, Lynne Kishler, Dick Mortenson, Don Pheneger, Linda Reynolds, Jim Siegel

Guests:  Michelle Lerner, Tyler Stevenson 

Don Hostetter introduced Tyler Stevenson, ODNR Urban Forester Coordinator, and quickly updated him on our commission’s recent activities. 

The minutes of the May meeting were distributed and approved. 

Don Hostetter thanked Dick Mortenson who worked with the Granville High School Enviro Team prepare for the new focus area on urban forestry that was part of their upcoming competition.  Much of the information was in line with what we were taught in the Tree Commission Academy in May. Tyler Stevenson, who served as a judge for the event, praised the Granville students on their knowledge and preparedness. 

The stairwell in Opera House Park that leads to the basement of St. Luke’s has been finished and the grass reseeded as of June 5th.   The railing needs to be installed once the concrete has thoroughly set.  Jim Siegel suggested that maybe the railing at the top could be decorative and match either the church’s white fencing or the park’s black fencing.  Don H. will check with St. Luke’s on what has been planned.  Now that the work is almost completed, it is time for us to finalize the hardscape plans – sprinkler system and brick pathway.  Linda Reynolds will combine the elements of our two favorite landscape designs drawn up by Frits Rizor’s students from Hocking College. 

The village tree inventory has been very difficult to obtain for use by our Denison summer intern.  Terry Hopkins’s computer, where the most complete listing was, has “crashed” and Don H. and Jeremy King have been working diligently at trying to retrieve the data from “the cloud” so that it can be integrated into Google Maps.  Help has been sought from Davey Tree, and Mollie Prasher in the village office is working on it also.  Apparently we did not know a few years ago to purchase software from Davey that would have made it easier to access all along.  This has been ongoing and time-consuming. Jeremy King and Logan Smith, summer intern from Denison, have now successfully integrated the available village tree inventory into a Google Maps format.  New trees planted 2008-2014 have been added, and removal data will be updated as we become familiar with the program.

Don Hostetter advised that services department removed the catalpa tree on Glyn Tawel we were made aware of last month.  It was decided that its condition was a safety concern and that it needed to be removed immediately. 

Tree removal requests were received from Laura and David Edelblute at 193 Wildwood Drive, Steven Michael at 273 East Maple St., and Mark Andrew at 217 West Elm St.  The first two will be scheduled for removal, and Don Hostetter has written to Mark Andrew expressing our reasoning for wanting to wait to see how the maple trees topped by Asplundh for line clearance do in the next couple years.

Don Pheneger and Lynne Kishler did a drive-around check of the trees planted last fall.  They reported that all thirty-eight appear healthy, with just two being placed on “watch.”  There are some black spots on the Tartarian Maples on Kilkenny and Ballymore.  Don and Lynne also completed a check of all the trees planted on Arbor Day at the intermediate school.  New deer guards provided by Mike Flood were placed on some trees and others pruned.  Currently there are sixteen trees: one buckeye, one serviceberry, three crabapples, three horse chestnuts, one tree lilac, one redbud, two tulip poplars, three magnolias, and the new maple. 

Michelle Lerner advised that there are two young trees on North Granger St. in front of the elementary school near the alley that are being climbed on by small children waiting with parents for school to let out.  The trees are too small and vulnerable and will likely be damaged or destroyed if this continues.

Michelle has also been contacted by a homeowner on Newark-Granville Rd. who is concerned about trees recently removed. Trees removed on the north side of Newark-Granville Rd. east of the intersection of Fern Hill Drive were removed at the request of the homeowner. 

The large Granville Christmas tree in the West Broadway island that has been in decline for some time is now dying, and Village Manager Steve Stilwell has been contacted by a possible donor for a new tree.  Steve notified Don Hostetter of this possibility and suggested a cost estimate and a time line for a suitable replacement be initiated. Discussion followed as to what type would be most suitable and salt tolerant for the site.  Tyler suggested possibly a fir; Don H. thought maybe a white spruce. 

The next meeting will be July 14th at 7:00 pm.          

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