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Tree & Landscape Minutes May 12, 2015

Granville Tree and Landscape Commission

May 12, 2015

Present:  Don Hostetter, Lynne Kishler, Dick Mortensen, Don Pheneger, Jim Siegel

Minutes of the April meeting were distributed and approved.

Don Hostetter and Terry Hopkins toured the east side of Jones Rd. where trees under power lines, many of which were ash, were removed by AEP. There is space for eighteen replacement trees between Newark-Granville Rd. and Longford Dr., and another twenty from Longford Dr. to the mansion. They could be a mixture of Cornelian dogwoods, serviceberries, and redbuds for diversity and would be of appropriate height for the lines overhead.  Terry has prepared a list of the trees removed in this area to accompany a letter Village Manager Steve Stilwell will send to council requesting additional funding for these replacement trees.  These would be in addition to our fall planting list.

Klauder Landscaping is to plant the new replacement trees on North Pearl St. this spring, along with one on Ballymore, two on South Mulberry and a replacement yellowwood on Shawn Court.

Don Pheneger and Lynne Kishler will do a drive-around next week to check the trees planted last fall.

Arbor Day – A Celebration Maple and a replacement Jane Magnolia were planted in front of the intermediate school on April 24 with the fifth grade students.  These were arranged for, delivered, and placed in sites by Albyn’s Nursery.  Mayor Melissa Hartfield read the proclamation.  The winners of the poster contest were Seb Motsch (first place), Matthew Bolton, Ella Young, Nathan Hunter, and Layla Baker.  A story was submitted to The Sentinel.

Opera House Park – The restoration of the stairwell on the west side of St. Luke’s continues.  The drain has been connected to the catch basin and new concrete steps poured. Ahead of this construction, the services department removed the large lilac adjacent to the original steps and placed it nearby.  Hopefully it can be re-planted following the project. They also removed the short piece of fencing at the south end of the park and the small bushes to allow for equipment to get in and out of the park.

Don Hostetter was contacted by the homeowner at 101 Mt. Parnassus who has a very large Silver Maple he would like to have removed because of limb drop.  Members have looked at the tree, and it is of considerable size.  We would like it to be studied higher up from a bucket truck if possible to assess the condition of the tree.  There are dead branches that need to be removed.

Concerning the request for removal of a leaning Catalpa tree on Glyn Tawel near Merywen Circle , the village right-of-way there is fifty feet, and the tree appears to be outside that boundary, so it is the responsibility of the homeowner.

The next meeting will be June 9, 2015.

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