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Tree & Landscape Minutes October 6, 2015

Granville Tree and Landscape Commission

October 6, 2015

Present:  Don Hostetter, Lynne Kishler, Dick Mortensen, Don Pheneger, Linda Reynolds

Guests:  Darren Willey 

Old Business:

On September 22nd Don Pheneger, Dick Mortensen, Lynne Kishler, and Don Hostetter worked with ODNR Urban Forester Lisa Bowers on using the urban site index system to assess tree sites on Broadway between Mulberry and Pearl Streets, along with sections of Jones Road and Longford Drive.  This is  homework for the Tree City Academy and was done to plan for future plantings based on site/soil conditions.  Valuable time was spent studying the current tree pits and issues we are seeing with trees uptown, as well as looking at the Broadway islands.  Planting conditions in the islands was found to be very good, but over the years mulch has been piled too high around the flowering trees. Because the root flare has been buried, small roots have formed near the surface above the root flare. 

New Business:

Fall tree planting sites – Don Hostetter has revised the planting specifications from seven to thirteen requirements based on additional studies and recommendations by ODNR for successful survival.  These new specifications will be sent to the landscapers for this fall’s planting. Mulching has been shown to change the pH of the soil. 

Our tree budget for 2015 was increased to $15,000 and then an additional $2,000 was recently requested by Michelle Lerner, which was granted by village council.  We are indeed grateful for this additional funding which will help replace ash trees killed by the Emerald Ash Borer. 

Opera House Park – Steve Stilwell, Village Manager, has requested that we list the damages to Opera House Park and Harry Bolen Park caused by the trenching work contracted by St. Luke’s church.  Also requested is our final landscape design for the parks, including the surface elevation of Harry Bolen Park.  Will it have a step down to sidewalk level on the west side of the door to the church office building as before, or should it have a gentle incline throughout?  The final drawing specs will be sent by the village to Bird & Bull Engineering and the work will be put out for bids in February.  This will include the irrigation lines. 

Don Hostetter has been investigating replacement possibilities for the large Christmas tree on the flagpole island.  The current evergreen is dying, but will not be removed until after the holidays.  The new one will be in place by next Christmas.  He was advised that an evergreen 16-17 feet tall would survive transplanting and could be moved with a 54-inch spade.  A Norway spruce will grow about a foot a year.  A Canaan fir would be another possibility. 

Don Hostetter contacted homeowner Jenny Stone at 104 Shawn Court.  She does want a replacement yellowwood, so that will be added to the fall list.  Commission members will work to finalize the tree list to go out for bid later this month.  The list will include thirty-eight flowering trees for Jones Rd. and one requested for Ballymore and two requested for South Mulberry that were to have been planted this spring.  Terry Hopkins has the list of trees requested by homeowners on North Pearl St. following the AEP work last fall - these will be planted by John Klauder.

Linda Reynolds advised that the crabapples on the Broadway islands need to be pruned up. 

Don Hostetter advised Darren that there are two dead ash trees at the intersection of Fern Hill and Victoria Drive that appear threatening and may fall into the road. 

The next meeting will be November 10th at 7:00 pm.

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