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Tree & Landscape Minutes September 8, 2015

Granville Tree and Landscape Commission

September 8, 2015

Present:  Dick Mortensen, Don Pheneger, Linda Reynolds, Lynne Kishler

Guest:  Michelle Lerner

Dick Mortensen presided over the meeting for Don Hostetter, who was out of town. Minutes from the August meeting were distributed and approved.

Old Business:

Opera House Park update – St. Luke’s church has completed replacement of their sewer lines which involved major trenching through Harry Bolen Park and the back portion of Opera House Park.  All the asphalt and pavers along with the bushes, small shrubs, a piece of fencing, brick edging, and a lilac were removed.  A lilac bush and short fencing on the south side at the Main St. entrance remain.  Don Pheneger showed pictures he had taken of the construction process and damage.  On Friday, September 4th topsoil, grass seed, and straw were spread over the park section.  Gravel will be put in Harry Bolen Park. South Main St. will be closed tonight to allow the pavement to be cut and the final coupling of the lines completed under the street.  The commission decided to delay any landscaping work in Opera House Park until early in 2016.

We are expecting a list from Terry Hopkins of trees removed/tree sites prepared so we can begin preparing our fall planting list.

New Business:

Don Pheneger, Dick Mortensen, and Lynne Kishler completed the second course of the Tree Commission Academy in late August.  For homework, they will be working with urban forester Lisa Bowers to utilize the urban site index on street tree sites in Granville.

According to Lisa Bowers, the next fall urban forestry conference for our district will be in 2016.


Linda Reynolds has noticed a dead street tree on West Maple- west of Cherry St. - that needs to be added to the removal list.

Michelle Lerner is still waiting to have her large tree on Summit Street removed.  Terry Hopkins advised her that AEP needs to remove it because of the lines running through it.

Lynne Kishler gave a summary of the Friday morning September 4th meeting.

Linda Reynolds has cut back the day lilies in the islands for the season.

The next meeting will be October 6th at 7:00 pm. 

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