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Tree & Landscape Special Mintues September 4, 2015

Granville Tree and Landscape Commission

Friday work session – September 4, 2015

Present: Don Hostetter, Lynne Kishler, Dick Mortensen, Don Pheneger, Jim Siegel

We began with discussion concerning Opera House Park and construction being done by St. Luke’s church that has involved considerably more trenching and damage than we had anticipated.  The new sewer lines have been installed up to the edge of South Main St.  Work on tying those in under the street will have to be completed at night because of traffic.  Don Hostetter stated that he feels we cannot go ahead with our plans for installation of the hardscape on the west and south sides of the park until the ground has time to settle.  He redirected the commission’s attention to the upcoming fall planting sites, the memorial for the park, the replacement of the Christmas tree, ash tree replacements, and other pressing issues. 

Terry Hopkins will be providing us with a tree removal list.  Council has granted a request for additional funds to replace removed ash trees.  Thirty-eight trees will be planted on the east side of Jones Rd from Newark-Granville Rd to opposite the Bryn Du Mansion entrance. These are considered to be separate from our regular fall list. Dick Mortensen encouraged us to consider planting trees in Wildwood Park to replace removals done in recent years.

The Google mapping inventory is not yet fully interactive.

Don Hostetter was approached by Denison University environmental studies professor Olivia Aguilar.  She is interested in involving students from her classes in community tree activities where we need additional manpower.  She suggested a tie-in to our ash tree/Emerald Ash Borer efforts .  This could be on-going, year to year with small projects.  She will be attending one of our meetings.

We will meet at 1:00 pm today at Ron Mack’s home to look at the elm tree “cookie” and discuss the feasibility of the memorial kiosk idea with local woodworkers Jon Bennett and John Cooper.  Don H. has contacted Granville historian Laura Evans about the timeline for the display.  Don complimented Don Pheneger on his design and work on the project.

Don Hostetter and Lisa Bowers have examined a dying hornbeam street tree on E. Elm St. at S. Pearl St.  He has called the homeowners.  It appears this tree could possibly have been exposed to harmful chemicals through landscaping/lawn treatments.  Because of the small treelawn, the roots are probably higher and more vulnerable to chemicals. Don H. reported that today it appears that the tree is partially leafed-out on one side, and may be trying to recover.

Jim Siegel reported that a memorial shrub dogwood (given in memory of Grace Dils) on Mt. Parnassus was accidentally removed and needs to be replaced.  He also noted that a new building lot on the back of Mt. Parnassus currently has street trees – Alison Terry, village planner, needs to be informed as this becomes a building site.

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