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Tree & Landscape Special Minutes March 27, 2015

Granville Tree and Landscape Commission

Friday work session – March 27, 2015


Present:  Don Hostetter, Lynne Kishler, Dick Mortensen, Don Pheneger, Jim Siegel

Guest:  Logan Smith, Denison 

The purpose of this meeting was to meet Logan Smith, a Denison University junior who has applied for the tree specialist internship.  After introductions, Don Hostetter explained the commission’s responsibilities for the village, the status of our tree inventory, and what we would like him to do to update and analyze the data.  He is able to begin at the beginning of Denison’s summer, which is when we expect to have the inventory and a computer ready for him. He is also probably doing an internship for Sherrod Brown’s office, possibly spending part of the summer in Washington, D.C.  We feel he can still complete the work for us, given the flexibility of our timing. 

Terry Hopkins stopped by and asked about the existing curbing along the east side of the Opera House Park that begins at the stairwell and goes south.  We would like that to stay in place to serve as a boundary for the plantings and to provide an edge for an access walk to the west side of the St. Luke’s for maintenance.  With upcoming work on the stairwell exit and drain line work, Terry advised that the curb may have to be removed.  They will leave it in place if possible.

Don Hostetter advised that the Cemetery Board is permitting AEP to remove a large ash tree on the western edge of the Old Colony Burying Ground above the sidewalk on South Main St.  It is being removed by Asplundh as part of the removal of all ash trees near power lines.  It is immediately to the west of the number one-ranked Ohio Big Trees pin oak in the cemetery.  If limbs from the ash fell, they would damage the historic headstones as well. 

Timing-wise, the Sentinel wants to wait to run the article written by Don Hostetter about the Hocking College students and their design projects for Opera House Park until the landscaping work is being installed.  Don will send the article to Frits Rizor now so that it can be published near the college to give due credit to the class and the students. 

It was reported to Don H. that one of the young yellowwood trees on Shawn Ct. was vandalized and broken off near the base.

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