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Tree & Landscape Minutes November 10, 2015

Granville Tree and Landscape Commission

November 10, 2015

Present:  Don Hostetter, Lynne Kishler, Dick Mortensen, Don Pheneger, Linda Reynolds, Jim Siegel

Guest:  Darren Willey

Minutes of the October meeting were distributed and approved.

Fall Planting List -

Bids were received today from Albyn’s, Klauder, and Fackler for the fall planting.   We opened the envelopes and agreed to accept the lowest bid of $28,750 from Albyn’s for ninety-nine trees.  This includes the planting of thirty-eight flowering trees on Jones Road (@$10,700), which is covered from money separate from our 2015 budget of $17,000. 

The fall planting list includes: Hedge Maples, Kousa Dogwoods, Littleleaf Lindens, Black Maples, Yellowwoods, Ivory Silk Tree Lilacs, Harvest Gold Crabapples, Black Gums, a Red Oak, Red Horsechestnuts, Tatarian Maples, Serviceberries, Stewartias,  Goldenraintrees, English Oaks, Cornelian Cherry Dogwoods, Sweetgums, Redbuds, Star Magnolias, and Winter King Hawthorns. Don Hostetter thanked Don Pheneger, Dick Mortensen, and Lynne Kishler for their work in completing the list. 

Opera House Park -

Village Manager Steve Stilwell requested documentation of the damages caused by the trenching work done by St. Luke’s church.  We combined an itemized list of damages and discussed estimated costs. A meeting with Bird and Bull Engineering will likely be scheduled in the next two weeks.  We will need to decide on the “flooring” or elevation of Harry Bolen Park now that it has been altered significantly and there is no longer a step down on the west side of the door to the church office.  Drainage needs and code requirements may make the decision. The lawn of Opera House Park was trenched and compacted by heavy equipment.  Although the area was quickly graded and seeded, the result is very uneven ground and is unsatisfactory.  Three trees were removed – one Paperbark Maple from the tree lawn at the Main Street entrance between the burning bushes, one Ivory Silk Tree Lilac from the tree lawn opposite Harry Bolen and one additional lilac from the fence entrance to Harry Bolen Park by the trash can.  The large lilac at the top of the stairs from the church basement was removed for installation of new stairs.  It was hoped that it could be replanted in a matter of days, but because the project took longer than expected, the lilac died. The stone wall separating OHP and HBP needs to be repaired. Two sections of wrought-iron fencing need to re-installed, and the remaining section needs to be repaired.  We had asked beforehand for the flagstones to be saved if possible, but they were broken up and removed.   The removed brick pavers were saved and stored.  We roughly estimated the repair/replacement costs at $9300 - $10,900. 

The village Christmas tree will be decorated this holiday and will be removed early in 2016 by the Services Dept.  Don Hostetter acquired one quote for a replacement, a sixteen-seventeen foot Norway Spruce.  Steve Stilwell and Terry Hopkins are getting another quote.  

Darren Willey reported that the village took delivery of a new bucket truck.  It is white with a 65-foot bucket and cost $178,000.  The new truck replaces the current twenty-three year old truck. 

The row of eighteen flowering trees on the north side of Newark-Granville Road at the east end of the village was removed by ODOT during the first week of November as part of the interchange project.   The serviceberries and tree lilacs were planted in fall 2012, and could have been relocated if we had been advised beforehand.  The purpose of these trees was to enhance the entrance into the village, and before planting, the commission was assured the interchange work would not involve this area.  We will seek reimbursement for the loss. 

The next meeting is scheduled for December 8th at 7:00 pm.

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