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Tree & Landscape Minutes March 8, 2016

Granville Tree and Landscape Commission

March 8, 2016

Present: Don Hostetter, chairman, Lynne Kishler, Dick Mortensen, Don Pheneger, Linda Reynolds, Jim Siegel

Guests: Norm Kennedy; Jeremy King, Denison University; Michelle Lerner, Village Council; Darren Willey, Services Dept.

Opera House Park -Jim Siegel showed us slides of the aftermath of the 1982 Opera House fire, the clearing of debris in preparation for the park, and the removal of the historic elm tree from the corner of West Broadway and South Main St. Norm Kennedy, who was a volunteer with the Granville Fire Department at the time, was there to view and add comments about the photos.

Acting Village Planner Debi Walker provided a sample brick (Hamilton Parker, Building Supply, Columbus, OH) that is a possibility for the Opera House Park renovation. On February 26th we approved the final revised drawing drafted by Greg Krobot. Debi and Terry Hopkins have been preparing the bid specifications. Two estimates will be requested – one for brick and one for sand finish concrete, the alternate to brick, for the meandering pathway. The difficulty in obtaining information on sand finish concrete has been a slight delay. Construction will begin after July 4th.

Tree Removal Update –The twelve street trees, eleven of which were dead ash, were removed from The Colony at Bryn Du and the stumps have been ground. Darren Willey reported that the three large ash trees on Newark-Granville Road that were recently removed each had 120-150 growth rings. The services department has been busy grinding stumps from earlier removals. Don Hostetter had a telephone conversation with the Sandins, 217 South Plum Street, concerning their request for removal of a large maple in front of their home. It appears to be healthy, but will be examined again in a few months.

The Tree City USA ceremony will be held April 21st in Westerville. Don Hostetter, Don Pheneger, Dick Mortensen, Lynne Kishler, and Darren Willey will attend. 

Part time help will be sought to assist Linda Reynolds with planting and weeding the Broadway beds and village office beds. We will approach Jim Reding at Granville High School about the possibility of an interested student. Jeremy King suggested contacting Cookie Sunkle’s office at Denison University. If a planting day is set, she could help arrange a team of student volunteers. The future plan is to move toward having a part-time employee to maintain the beds as well as Opera House Park once the work is completed. Perhaps this employee’s position could include working for the services department for additional hours. Michelle Lerner added that she let council know we would be asking for additional funding for this in the budget. 

Don Hostetter will be finalizing with Mike Flood of Albyn’s Nursery the planting of a specimen White Oak at the Bryn Du Mansion in honor of Jim Siegel’s contributions to the tree commission and the village. Mindy Kshywonis of the Granville Garden Club approached Don H. about donating a Swamp White Oak at the mansion in memory of Alan Montgomery. Jurgen Pape and Bruce Cramer, directors at Bryn Du, have decided on sites and the stakes are in the ground for both trees. Financial arrangements will be coordinated with the Director of Finance. This is the first request for a memorial tree since the village memorial tree program merged with the Bryn Du Mansion program several years ago.

Mayor Melissa Hartfield asked Don Hostetter, as chair of the T & LC, to attend an initial informational meeting with over twenty other representatives from the village with the principal recruiter from the firm hired to find the new village manager. Areas covered were the responsibilities and activities of the various village committees and what they need and expect from a village manager.

Mike Flood (Albyn’s Nursery) will be surveying the trees planted last fall. Don Hostetter asked Mike to check that mulch is not placed above the root flare.

Kathy Masters, 926 Burg Street, contacted Don Hostetter about a large Blue Ash in her front yard which she claims is about half dead. Both Don H. and Darren had photos for us to see and there has been erosion of soil from around the roots on the street side. Terry Hopkins and Darren Willey have measured it and find the base of the root flare to be close to the village right-of-way line. A determination will be made about the right-of-way issue and the condition of the tree after the leaves are out this spring. There are only a handful of Blue Ashes in the village. Dick Mortensen suggested that since Blue Ash trees are relatively resistant to infestation by the Emerald Ash Borer that perhaps this tree has valuable genetic material which could be used by those studying and developing resistant hybrids. Don H. will consult with Urban Forester Lisa Bowers on this.

Dick Mortensen attended a talk at Dawes Arboretum given by Dr. Douglas Spieles about satellite images used to study canopy cover. He was very impressed and feels this topic would be of interest to many in our community. Don H. suggested this could be a program for our annual informational talk at the Bryn Du mansion. He will get available dates this spring from Bruce Cramer at the mansion, and Dick will approach Doug Spieles about speaking.

The next meeting will be April 12, 2016 at 7:00 pm. 

Tree & Landscape Minutes February 26, 2016

Granville Tree and Landscape Commission

Friday work session – February 26, 2016

Attending: Don Hostetter, Lynne Kishler, Jim Siegel, Debi Walker, Terry Hopkins 

The purpose of this meeting was to discuss and approve the latest drawing of the Opera House Park renovation prepared by Greg Krobot, Landscape Architect contracted by Bird & Bull. Debi Walker had provided enlarged copies for our use. 

Overall, the commission is pleased with the latest drawing and the changes made since our February 12th meeting. Members agreed via email that this drawing includes the specific details we want. Some small changes may be necessary in the plant list; however the hardscape can be sent out for bid. 

Debi proposed asking Greg Krobot for three samples of brick options. Terry Hopkins advised that it needs to be brick to hold up over time. Based on use in the village, pavers break up and fade with weather and use. The bid request will ask for an amount based on using brick, and one on using sand surface concrete for the pathways through the park. Harry Bolen Park will be done in the historic brick the village has in storage. The furniture – picnic tables and additional benches - will not be part of the bid as we will ask Friesingers to construct them along with additional pieces of matching fencing. 

Timing-wise, Terry thinks the realistic start date will likely be after July 4th. He will be meeting with Brian from Bird & Bull to get the bids out. This may also be required to go through the Planning Commission for approval. The timing may actually be better later, as the cost may be lower if we are not in a time constraint, and the weather may be more favorable to complete the project. 

Don Hostetter will send a formal email today informing Village Manager Steve Stilwell of our acceptance of the latest drawing. Terry Hopkins will talk to St. Luke’s about our plans and the timing of any work they wish to do on the west side of the church, especially with regard to repair of the lower windows. 

We discussed St. Luke’s financial responsibility for repairs from the trenching work/stairwell update done in 2015 in the park’s lawn area and in Harry Bolen. Last fall Don H. prepared a rough estimate outlining the damages caused by the construction, which was sent to Steve Stilwell and noted that to date he has heard nothing back in response. 

Tree & Landscape Special Minutes February 12, 2016

Granville Tree and Landscape Commission

Friday work session – February 12, 2016

Attending: Don Hostetter, Lynne Kishler, Dick Mortensen, Don Pheneger, Jim Siegel, Terry Hopkins, Steve Stilwell, Deb Walker, Darren Willey

Terry reported the village has approximately 2000 bricks, or two pallets, in storage for use in the park. A new “sand-finish” concrete was poured at the Bryn Du Mansion over the former pool area. Once sealed, the surface will appear slightly darker or wet. Terry suggested this material for use in the park as the amount of brick necessary to complete the plan as drawn, plus labor to install, will likely exceed our budget. The concrete needs to be sealed about every two years. The bids could include one for brick exclusively, and one for the sand finish concrete and brick. Heaved up areas of brick in the NW seating area from tree roots can be done at a later date.

Debi Walker suggested choosing another clump tree for the SE corner as river birch is messy when mature. Based on her experience, maintenance around/under river birch can be very time-consuming. Don Hostetter offered structural reasons (strong in wind) along with the pros of using native species. Don also reminded us of the ongoing need to plan budget-wise for part-time help once the park renovation is complete.

The commission requests the addition of a stone wall with wrought iron fencing for the SE corner to delineate the property visually and to balance it with the other corners in the park. Debi Walker asked for a picture or drawing of what we have in mind. 

Don H. restated that the planning done by Bird & Bull needs to include a renovation of the lawn area. Debi said definitely a revitalization of the soil is necessary after the extensive disruption of soil layers. 

In designing the meandering path, Steve Stilwell suggested doing a chalk line. Don H. recommended using a garden hose in the park to plan just how the walkway will bend. 

In conclusion, Steve Stilwell restated the following points:

  • Specify more wrought iron fence, to be obtained from Friesingers in Zanesville, for the SE corner along with stone matching what is already in the park.
  • Include bids for both materials – 1) all brick and 2) brick with sand finish concrete.
  • Close off the existing west entrance on the Main Street side - because of code requirement the current slope is too steep to be safe. Use of the same materials of stone and fencing will continue the line. The existing large burning bushes will be removed.
  • The “stage area” at the south end of the park will be reduced in size and the “cap” removed.
  • The kiosk for the elm tree “cookie” will not be included in the bid, but the brick pad for it will be
  • River gravel will be put along the west wall of the church/east edge of the park to allow for maintenance to the church. The proposed line of boxwoods and pathway will be pushed back toward the church to open up more lawn space.

We will receive another version with these changes before moving forward.

Tree & Landscape Minutes February 9, 2016

Granville Tree and Landscape Commission

February 9, 2016

Present: Don Hostetter, Lynne Kishler, Dick Mortensen, Don Pheneger, Linda Reynolds, Jim Siegel

Guests: Darren Willey, Jim Patin, Bill Custer

Jim Patin and Bill Custer were present to discuss the eleven dead ash trees (and one maple) in the The Colony. They wanted a definite answer as to when those street trees would be removed. Planted in June 2000, the ashes were professionally treated to prevent infestation of the Emerald Ash Borer, but those efforts were unsuccessful. Darren reported that crews are currently removing dead ash trees in the Village Green, and he will see to it that The Colony’s trees are removed as soon as possible. The Colony’s desire is to have the new trees, promised for the fall planting of 2016, put in as close as possible to the original sites for the visual even spacing of trees on the street to remain. Don Hostetter had previously given Bill a list of acceptable replacement trees, and Bill is seeking recommendations from Dawes Arboretum. Our understanding is that the utilities were placed high in the ground during construction of the association, and that impacts planting at the optimal depth in those sites. 

Minutes of the January meeting were distributed and approved. 

Don Hostetter received a follow up letter from Karl and Linda Sandin at 217 South Plum St. about their April 2015 request to have a large maple tree removed from their tree lawn because of problems with roots growing into their home’s sewer lines. Don H. is following up on this with the Sandins. 

Concerning Opera House Park, we reviewed the latest two drawings from Gregory Krobot which were forwarded to us through Debi Walker. We are disappointed that several key elements we wanted to see changed have not been. We will meet this Friday morning as we are not yet pleased with the plans. Linda Reynolds objects to the use of Vinca in the southwest corner as it is invasive and difficult to control. She would like to see another shrub instead of the proposed spirea along the new pathway on the east side of the park. The burning bush variety should be Rudy Haag. Linda will submit her suggested substitutions for shrubs. 

Don Pheneger, Dick Mortensen, and Lynne Kishler attended the third session of the Tree City Academy in Reynoldsburg January 20-21. Don Hostetter asked for a report. 

The Tree City USA Award Ceremony will be April 21st in Westerville.

Albyn’s Nursery will plant a commemorative White Oak at the Bryn Du Mansion to honor Jim Siegel. We will plan a ceremony to coincide with the planting.

An evaluation conducted in 2011 of the trees in the Old Colony Burying Ground has been emailed to us. Some treatments and/or replacement trees may be needed at this time. We will follow up with the condition of these trees.

The next meeting will be March 8th at 7:00 pm. 

Tree & Landscape Special Meeting Minutes January 15, 2016

Granville Tree and Landscape Commission

Friday work session – January 15, 2016

Present: Don Hostetter, chairman, Lynne Kishler, Don Pheneger, Jim Siegel, Debi Walker, Terry Hopkins, and Steve Stilwell

Possible sites for the white oak tree to be planted by Albyn’s in honor of Jim Siegel were discussed. Terry Hopkins expressed concern that the north side of Broadway has power lines. If planted there, eventually the tree would be severely pruned by American Electric Power. Terry feels the “forest area” near The Colony along Newark-Granville Road’s walking path would provide adequate space for unrestricted growth of the tree, along with being visible to all who use the path.

There was also discussion concerning possibilities for the kiosk designed by Don Pheneger and preparation of the elm tree “cookie.”

Using Greg Krobot’s drawing that most closely represents what we want for Opera House Park, we worked with Debi Walker to incorporate our specific details. Terry will check the amount of pavers we have stored for use in the park. We discussed at length the surface of Harry Bolen Park and the use of pavers to replace the flagstones destroyed by the excavation. Harry Bolen Park will need to look visually separate while complimenting Opera House Park. The former entrance on South Main Street will, with the help of photos taken before the trenching, be returned to its original look, with the saved iron fencing re-installed and beds created with a lilac replanted on the north side. Benches (possibly two) built by Friesingers to match the others in the park will replace the former picnic table in that area. We will also ask Friesingers to design a picnic table to match. The surface of Harry Bolen may be done with the older Granville “historic” bricks, possibly set off in a “rug-like design.” The area immediately east of there will be pavers if financially possible. It may be set off from the main portion of the park by concrete border lines that are flush with the brick.

In keeping with the need for a large grassy area in the park, we reduced the six-foot pathway designed by Greg Krobot to five feet. Our original design called for four feet, so this is a compromise. Also, we requested the “stage area” drawn for the south end of the park be reduced substantially to allow for more grassy space.

We presented Debi with a sketch of the SE corner and side to be delineated with short sections of stonewalls (to compliment the SW corner and the bell pedestal) and sections of iron fencing to tie it together. Debi liked our concept of framing in the fourth corner in this way.

Greg Krobot’s drawing includes an oval pathway around the park to compliment the windows of St. Luke’s parish house, which would reduce the lawn area. We feel strongly that a slightly meandering path continued around the east side that will look more casual, go with the existing path on the west side, and encourage strolling through the park. This is the way we marked it with flags a couple years ago before the church renovation began.

Tree & Landscape Minutes January 12, 2016

Granville Tree and Landscape Commission

January 12, 2016

Present: Don Hostetter, chairman, Lynne Kishler, Dick Mortensen, Don Pheneger, Jim Siegel

Guests: Jeremy King, Denison University; Michelle Lerner, Village Council

Minutes of the December 8, 2015 meeting were distributed and approved.

The fall planting has been completed by Albyn’s, with the exception of two Stewartia trees which will be available and planted in the spring. Don Hostetter reported only a couple issues with homeowners concerning new trees, which were resolved. A gas line was hit during planting, but was not damaged. Don H. read a letter from Mike Flood expressing Albyn’s desire to plant a white oak to honor Jim Siegel for his many years of dedication to the commission and to Granville. Possible locations were discussed.

The Christmas tree in the Broadway Island has been undecorated, has been marked with orange dots, and will be removed soon by the services department. A 13-16 foot Norway Spruce (Picea abies), will replace it in March or April, 2016. The soil depth and condition at this location is excellent for this species. An irrigation system is in place that will provide additional insurance for a successful transplant this spring.

Opera House Park (OHP) – The decision was made by the village that Bird & Bull Engineering/Survey Co., Columbus would survey and develop specifications for the structural/mechanical/landscaping design necessary prior to the formal bid letting process for this project. Bids will be requested in February with the stipulation that the project be completed on or before July 01, 2016. The specific area of landscaping is the south section of Opera House Park to include the delineation of Harry Bolen Memorial Park located in the SW corner of the park. This was deemed necessary because of the destruction due to extensive excavation required for water and sewer lines for St. Luke’s church. Bird and Bull contracted with landscape architect Gregory R. Krobot of Columbus (GrKLA) who produced three (3) concept drawings for this area of OHP. In a meeting held at the village office January 7th, village officials Steve Stilwell, Terry Hopkins, Darren Willey, Mollie Prasher, Deb Walker; St. Luke’s representatives Stephen Applegate, Ken and Devon Rittenhouse; and representatives from Bird and Bull were present. All members of the Tree and Landscape Commission were present. The commission was not anticipating being presented with concept drawings for landscaping for OHP at this initial meeting. Because we did not have prior opportunity to meet with Mr. Krobot, there were many things he was not aware of (i.e. the existence of Harry Bolen Park in the SW corner.) Time was spent with him following the presentation advising him of our goals and vision for the park, the materials the village is storing (pavers, iron fencing)for future use, and the planned kiosk housing a cross section of a historically significant elm tree that will provide a historical timeline of the village and OHP. 

We will meet as a commission on Friday, January 15, 2016 to outline our key ideas for the park and to add these to Mr. Krobot’s drawing that closest matches what we have envisioned. In a January 10th memo Don Hostetter spelled out six items. (see below.) The compiled list will be submitted to GrKLA. A February 2nd completion date for the final drawings was set. Mechanical drawings will be done by Bird and Bull.

At this meeting (Jan. 12), after further examination of the drawings by those present, additional comments and suggestions were made relative to our perceived desires and specifications for OHP. 

Denison University – Jeremy reported that Denison planted several different tree species this fall, adding to the diversity of the arboretum.

The next meeting will be February 9, 2016 at 7:00 pm.

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