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Tree & Landscape Minutes February 26, 2016

Granville Tree and Landscape Commission

Friday work session – February 26, 2016

Attending: Don Hostetter, Lynne Kishler, Jim Siegel, Debi Walker, Terry Hopkins 

The purpose of this meeting was to discuss and approve the latest drawing of the Opera House Park renovation prepared by Greg Krobot, Landscape Architect contracted by Bird & Bull. Debi Walker had provided enlarged copies for our use. 

Overall, the commission is pleased with the latest drawing and the changes made since our February 12th meeting. Members agreed via email that this drawing includes the specific details we want. Some small changes may be necessary in the plant list; however the hardscape can be sent out for bid. 

Debi proposed asking Greg Krobot for three samples of brick options. Terry Hopkins advised that it needs to be brick to hold up over time. Based on use in the village, pavers break up and fade with weather and use. The bid request will ask for an amount based on using brick, and one on using sand surface concrete for the pathways through the park. Harry Bolen Park will be done in the historic brick the village has in storage. The furniture – picnic tables and additional benches - will not be part of the bid as we will ask Friesingers to construct them along with additional pieces of matching fencing. 

Timing-wise, Terry thinks the realistic start date will likely be after July 4th. He will be meeting with Brian from Bird & Bull to get the bids out. This may also be required to go through the Planning Commission for approval. The timing may actually be better later, as the cost may be lower if we are not in a time constraint, and the weather may be more favorable to complete the project. 

Don Hostetter will send a formal email today informing Village Manager Steve Stilwell of our acceptance of the latest drawing. Terry Hopkins will talk to St. Luke’s about our plans and the timing of any work they wish to do on the west side of the church, especially with regard to repair of the lower windows. 

We discussed St. Luke’s financial responsibility for repairs from the trenching work/stairwell update done in 2015 in the park’s lawn area and in Harry Bolen. Last fall Don H. prepared a rough estimate outlining the damages caused by the construction, which was sent to Steve Stilwell and noted that to date he has heard nothing back in response. 

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