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Tree & Landscape Minutes January 12, 2016

Granville Tree and Landscape Commission

January 12, 2016

Present: Don Hostetter, chairman, Lynne Kishler, Dick Mortensen, Don Pheneger, Jim Siegel

Guests: Jeremy King, Denison University; Michelle Lerner, Village Council

Minutes of the December 8, 2015 meeting were distributed and approved.

The fall planting has been completed by Albyn’s, with the exception of two Stewartia trees which will be available and planted in the spring. Don Hostetter reported only a couple issues with homeowners concerning new trees, which were resolved. A gas line was hit during planting, but was not damaged. Don H. read a letter from Mike Flood expressing Albyn’s desire to plant a white oak to honor Jim Siegel for his many years of dedication to the commission and to Granville. Possible locations were discussed.

The Christmas tree in the Broadway Island has been undecorated, has been marked with orange dots, and will be removed soon by the services department. A 13-16 foot Norway Spruce (Picea abies), will replace it in March or April, 2016. The soil depth and condition at this location is excellent for this species. An irrigation system is in place that will provide additional insurance for a successful transplant this spring.

Opera House Park (OHP) – The decision was made by the village that Bird & Bull Engineering/Survey Co., Columbus would survey and develop specifications for the structural/mechanical/landscaping design necessary prior to the formal bid letting process for this project. Bids will be requested in February with the stipulation that the project be completed on or before July 01, 2016. The specific area of landscaping is the south section of Opera House Park to include the delineation of Harry Bolen Memorial Park located in the SW corner of the park. This was deemed necessary because of the destruction due to extensive excavation required for water and sewer lines for St. Luke’s church. Bird and Bull contracted with landscape architect Gregory R. Krobot of Columbus (GrKLA) who produced three (3) concept drawings for this area of OHP. In a meeting held at the village office January 7th, village officials Steve Stilwell, Terry Hopkins, Darren Willey, Mollie Prasher, Deb Walker; St. Luke’s representatives Stephen Applegate, Ken and Devon Rittenhouse; and representatives from Bird and Bull were present. All members of the Tree and Landscape Commission were present. The commission was not anticipating being presented with concept drawings for landscaping for OHP at this initial meeting. Because we did not have prior opportunity to meet with Mr. Krobot, there were many things he was not aware of (i.e. the existence of Harry Bolen Park in the SW corner.) Time was spent with him following the presentation advising him of our goals and vision for the park, the materials the village is storing (pavers, iron fencing)for future use, and the planned kiosk housing a cross section of a historically significant elm tree that will provide a historical timeline of the village and OHP. 

We will meet as a commission on Friday, January 15, 2016 to outline our key ideas for the park and to add these to Mr. Krobot’s drawing that closest matches what we have envisioned. In a January 10th memo Don Hostetter spelled out six items. (see below.) The compiled list will be submitted to GrKLA. A February 2nd completion date for the final drawings was set. Mechanical drawings will be done by Bird and Bull.

At this meeting (Jan. 12), after further examination of the drawings by those present, additional comments and suggestions were made relative to our perceived desires and specifications for OHP. 

Denison University – Jeremy reported that Denison planted several different tree species this fall, adding to the diversity of the arboretum.

The next meeting will be February 9, 2016 at 7:00 pm.

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