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Tree & Landscape Special Meeting Minutes January 15, 2016

Granville Tree and Landscape Commission

Friday work session – January 15, 2016

Present: Don Hostetter, chairman, Lynne Kishler, Don Pheneger, Jim Siegel, Debi Walker, Terry Hopkins, and Steve Stilwell

Possible sites for the white oak tree to be planted by Albyn’s in honor of Jim Siegel were discussed. Terry Hopkins expressed concern that the north side of Broadway has power lines. If planted there, eventually the tree would be severely pruned by American Electric Power. Terry feels the “forest area” near The Colony along Newark-Granville Road’s walking path would provide adequate space for unrestricted growth of the tree, along with being visible to all who use the path.

There was also discussion concerning possibilities for the kiosk designed by Don Pheneger and preparation of the elm tree “cookie.”

Using Greg Krobot’s drawing that most closely represents what we want for Opera House Park, we worked with Debi Walker to incorporate our specific details. Terry will check the amount of pavers we have stored for use in the park. We discussed at length the surface of Harry Bolen Park and the use of pavers to replace the flagstones destroyed by the excavation. Harry Bolen Park will need to look visually separate while complimenting Opera House Park. The former entrance on South Main Street will, with the help of photos taken before the trenching, be returned to its original look, with the saved iron fencing re-installed and beds created with a lilac replanted on the north side. Benches (possibly two) built by Friesingers to match the others in the park will replace the former picnic table in that area. We will also ask Friesingers to design a picnic table to match. The surface of Harry Bolen may be done with the older Granville “historic” bricks, possibly set off in a “rug-like design.” The area immediately east of there will be pavers if financially possible. It may be set off from the main portion of the park by concrete border lines that are flush with the brick.

In keeping with the need for a large grassy area in the park, we reduced the six-foot pathway designed by Greg Krobot to five feet. Our original design called for four feet, so this is a compromise. Also, we requested the “stage area” drawn for the south end of the park be reduced substantially to allow for more grassy space.

We presented Debi with a sketch of the SE corner and side to be delineated with short sections of stonewalls (to compliment the SW corner and the bell pedestal) and sections of iron fencing to tie it together. Debi liked our concept of framing in the fourth corner in this way.

Greg Krobot’s drawing includes an oval pathway around the park to compliment the windows of St. Luke’s parish house, which would reduce the lawn area. We feel strongly that a slightly meandering path continued around the east side that will look more casual, go with the existing path on the west side, and encourage strolling through the park. This is the way we marked it with flags a couple years ago before the church renovation began.

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