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Tree & Landscape Special Minutes February 12, 2016

Granville Tree and Landscape Commission

Friday work session – February 12, 2016

Attending: Don Hostetter, Lynne Kishler, Dick Mortensen, Don Pheneger, Jim Siegel, Terry Hopkins, Steve Stilwell, Deb Walker, Darren Willey

Terry reported the village has approximately 2000 bricks, or two pallets, in storage for use in the park. A new “sand-finish” concrete was poured at the Bryn Du Mansion over the former pool area. Once sealed, the surface will appear slightly darker or wet. Terry suggested this material for use in the park as the amount of brick necessary to complete the plan as drawn, plus labor to install, will likely exceed our budget. The concrete needs to be sealed about every two years. The bids could include one for brick exclusively, and one for the sand finish concrete and brick. Heaved up areas of brick in the NW seating area from tree roots can be done at a later date.

Debi Walker suggested choosing another clump tree for the SE corner as river birch is messy when mature. Based on her experience, maintenance around/under river birch can be very time-consuming. Don Hostetter offered structural reasons (strong in wind) along with the pros of using native species. Don also reminded us of the ongoing need to plan budget-wise for part-time help once the park renovation is complete.

The commission requests the addition of a stone wall with wrought iron fencing for the SE corner to delineate the property visually and to balance it with the other corners in the park. Debi Walker asked for a picture or drawing of what we have in mind. 

Don H. restated that the planning done by Bird & Bull needs to include a renovation of the lawn area. Debi said definitely a revitalization of the soil is necessary after the extensive disruption of soil layers. 

In designing the meandering path, Steve Stilwell suggested doing a chalk line. Don H. recommended using a garden hose in the park to plan just how the walkway will bend. 

In conclusion, Steve Stilwell restated the following points:

  • Specify more wrought iron fence, to be obtained from Friesingers in Zanesville, for the SE corner along with stone matching what is already in the park.
  • Include bids for both materials – 1) all brick and 2) brick with sand finish concrete.
  • Close off the existing west entrance on the Main Street side - because of code requirement the current slope is too steep to be safe. Use of the same materials of stone and fencing will continue the line. The existing large burning bushes will be removed.
  • The “stage area” at the south end of the park will be reduced in size and the “cap” removed.
  • The kiosk for the elm tree “cookie” will not be included in the bid, but the brick pad for it will be
  • River gravel will be put along the west wall of the church/east edge of the park to allow for maintenance to the church. The proposed line of boxwoods and pathway will be pushed back toward the church to open up more lawn space.

We will receive another version with these changes before moving forward.

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