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Tree & Landscape Minutes March 8, 2016

Granville Tree and Landscape Commission

March 8, 2016

Present: Don Hostetter, chairman, Lynne Kishler, Dick Mortensen, Don Pheneger, Linda Reynolds, Jim Siegel

Guests: Norm Kennedy; Jeremy King, Denison University; Michelle Lerner, Village Council; Darren Willey, Services Dept.

Opera House Park -Jim Siegel showed us slides of the aftermath of the 1982 Opera House fire, the clearing of debris in preparation for the park, and the removal of the historic elm tree from the corner of West Broadway and South Main St. Norm Kennedy, who was a volunteer with the Granville Fire Department at the time, was there to view and add comments about the photos.

Acting Village Planner Debi Walker provided a sample brick (Hamilton Parker, Building Supply, Columbus, OH) that is a possibility for the Opera House Park renovation. On February 26th we approved the final revised drawing drafted by Greg Krobot. Debi and Terry Hopkins have been preparing the bid specifications. Two estimates will be requested – one for brick and one for sand finish concrete, the alternate to brick, for the meandering pathway. The difficulty in obtaining information on sand finish concrete has been a slight delay. Construction will begin after July 4th.

Tree Removal Update –The twelve street trees, eleven of which were dead ash, were removed from The Colony at Bryn Du and the stumps have been ground. Darren Willey reported that the three large ash trees on Newark-Granville Road that were recently removed each had 120-150 growth rings. The services department has been busy grinding stumps from earlier removals. Don Hostetter had a telephone conversation with the Sandins, 217 South Plum Street, concerning their request for removal of a large maple in front of their home. It appears to be healthy, but will be examined again in a few months.

The Tree City USA ceremony will be held April 21st in Westerville. Don Hostetter, Don Pheneger, Dick Mortensen, Lynne Kishler, and Darren Willey will attend. 

Part time help will be sought to assist Linda Reynolds with planting and weeding the Broadway beds and village office beds. We will approach Jim Reding at Granville High School about the possibility of an interested student. Jeremy King suggested contacting Cookie Sunkle’s office at Denison University. If a planting day is set, she could help arrange a team of student volunteers. The future plan is to move toward having a part-time employee to maintain the beds as well as Opera House Park once the work is completed. Perhaps this employee’s position could include working for the services department for additional hours. Michelle Lerner added that she let council know we would be asking for additional funding for this in the budget. 

Don Hostetter will be finalizing with Mike Flood of Albyn’s Nursery the planting of a specimen White Oak at the Bryn Du Mansion in honor of Jim Siegel’s contributions to the tree commission and the village. Mindy Kshywonis of the Granville Garden Club approached Don H. about donating a Swamp White Oak at the mansion in memory of Alan Montgomery. Jurgen Pape and Bruce Cramer, directors at Bryn Du, have decided on sites and the stakes are in the ground for both trees. Financial arrangements will be coordinated with the Director of Finance. This is the first request for a memorial tree since the village memorial tree program merged with the Bryn Du Mansion program several years ago.

Mayor Melissa Hartfield asked Don Hostetter, as chair of the T & LC, to attend an initial informational meeting with over twenty other representatives from the village with the principal recruiter from the firm hired to find the new village manager. Areas covered were the responsibilities and activities of the various village committees and what they need and expect from a village manager.

Mike Flood (Albyn’s Nursery) will be surveying the trees planted last fall. Don Hostetter asked Mike to check that mulch is not placed above the root flare.

Kathy Masters, 926 Burg Street, contacted Don Hostetter about a large Blue Ash in her front yard which she claims is about half dead. Both Don H. and Darren had photos for us to see and there has been erosion of soil from around the roots on the street side. Terry Hopkins and Darren Willey have measured it and find the base of the root flare to be close to the village right-of-way line. A determination will be made about the right-of-way issue and the condition of the tree after the leaves are out this spring. There are only a handful of Blue Ashes in the village. Dick Mortensen suggested that since Blue Ash trees are relatively resistant to infestation by the Emerald Ash Borer that perhaps this tree has valuable genetic material which could be used by those studying and developing resistant hybrids. Don H. will consult with Urban Forester Lisa Bowers on this.

Dick Mortensen attended a talk at Dawes Arboretum given by Dr. Douglas Spieles about satellite images used to study canopy cover. He was very impressed and feels this topic would be of interest to many in our community. Don H. suggested this could be a program for our annual informational talk at the Bryn Du mansion. He will get available dates this spring from Bruce Cramer at the mansion, and Dick will approach Doug Spieles about speaking.

The next meeting will be April 12, 2016 at 7:00 pm. 

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