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Tree & Landscape Minutes April 12, 2016

Granville Tree and Landscape Commission

April 12, 2016

Present: Don Hostetter, Lynne Kishler, Dick Mortenson, Don Pheneger

Guests:  Darren Willey, Bill Kuster

Bill Kuster of the Colony at Bryn Du came by to give us an update and to thank us for the reimbursement of their newly planted street trees.  Twelve trees – 2 Amur Maackia, 3 Kentucky Coffeetrees, 3 European Hornbeams, 3 Gingkos, and 1 Freeman Maple – were planted bare root, replacing the ash trees killed by EAB infestation.  The Colony worked with Rich Larsen from Dawes Arboretum to select the trees.  Cost of the trees is $1650.  They have noticed canker on the spruces at the Colony

The commission will be meeting with the Cemetery Board to coordinate the planting of a tree during the commemoration of twenty-five years restoration work done in the Old Colony Burying Ground by the Fannins.  An informational plaque has been designed and a special reception will take place in July.

This year’s Tree City USA event will be Thursday, April 21st in Westerville.  Don Hostetter, Don Pheneger, Dick Mortenson, Darren Willey, and Lynne Kishler will attend

Linda Reynolds has approached Jim Reding, science teacher at the high school, about acquiring student summer help.  The village would pay $8.10 an hour

Mike Flood and Albyn’s Nursery, have planted a White Oak in honor of Jim Siegel and another in memory of Alan Montgomery at the Bryn Du Mansion. 

Don Hostetter thanked Dick Mortenson for the April 5th event we hosted with Denison University at the Bryn Du Mansion.  Dick was able to quickly pull together the program, arranging Doug Spieles as the speaker and putting together the publicity.  We had a good attendance that evening.  Don Hostetter has asked Bruce Cramer to put us on the calendar next spring to hold another similar event for the public

Don Hostetter went to John Cooper’s to work out arrangements for the refinishing of the elm tree cookie for Opera House Park.  He was advised that John is currently four months behind schedule-wise.  We will coordinate moving the tree slice from Ron Mack’s home to John’s workshop.

Don Hostetter gave a report of the April Denison Tree and Landscape Advisory Board.  He encouraged Darren to attend these meetings when possible as we share common boundaries, street trees, and issues

Lynne Kishler gave an update on the Arbor Day ceremony with the fifth grade at Granville Intermediate School.  It will be April 29th at 2:45 pm.  Science teacher Alison Weate is making arrangements at the school.  Don H. has talked to Mike Flood about the tree to be planted, and John Smith of AEP has again agreed to donate the cost.  Don H. will pick up the gift cards and t-shirts from Whit’s for the winners of the poster contest

Darren Willey reported that two trees were blown over in the wind storm a couple weekends ago – an evergreen at Denison Drive and Newark-Granville Rd. and a Sugar Maple in front of the Welsh Hills School.  Denison lost a couple trees also, but it was noted that considering the high winds that day, there was not much damage to trees.  Another large Sugar Maple on South Mulberry St. will be taken down tomorrow.  Recent structural changes noticed about the tree have classified it as hazardous and likely to fail, resulting in the need to remove it quickly.  The village street department will be removing some ash trees on Newark-Granville Rd. and in Fanchion Lewis Park.  They also removed an ash tree at 273 East Maple St that was topped by AEP last summer and removal was requested by the homeowner

The next meeting will be May 10, 2016 at 7:00 pm.

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