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Tree & Landscape Minutes August 9, 2016

Granville Tree and Landscape Commission

August 9, 2016

Present: Don Hostetter, Lynne Kishler, Dick Mortensen, Don Pheneger, Jim Siegel

Guests: Michelle Lerner, Steve Pyles


The minutes of the June meeting were distributed and approved.


Don Hostetter introduced our new village manager, Steve Pyles, and then introduced us and updated him on the responsibilities and activities of the commission. He also outlined the background of Opera House Park and its funding, along with our budget, and the tree inventory update being done with the assistance of Denison University.


Don Hostetter has been in communication with Terry Hopkins about the hardscape contractor who has plans to get underway with the work in Opera House Park after Labor Day.  This is the same company who has done work at Bryn Du mansion and other places for the village. Jim Siegel asked about the layout of the meandering pathway and Don H. assured us we would be included in laying it out.


Mike Flood/Albyn’s Landscaping planted a Royal Raindrops crabapple in the Old Colony Burying Ground for the July event in which the Fannins were honored for their twenty-five years of restoration work in the cemetery.  The tree honors the work of Lyn and Keith Boone.


A date needs to be selected this fall to dedicate the White Oak planted at the mansion honoring Jim Siegel’s work on the tree commission and for the community.  The tree was planted there in the spring and given by Albyn’s.


The spring inspection of the fall 2015 trees showed all the trees were doing well.  However, the new flowering trees along Jones Road have suffered the summer heat and the lack of rainfall.  A few of them will probably need to be replaced.


Linda Reynolds has asked Don Hostetter to request a seasonal employee to do the planting/heavy work in the Broadway islands and village office beds next spring.  She will continue to design the beds, select the flowers, and oversee the project. This part-time person could do landscaping maintenance in Opera House Park following the renovation.


We will offer our assistance with the Fall Urban Forestry Conference to be held at Denison University October 20th. We are invited to The Southeast Ohio fall conference in Athens on September 29th if any wish to attend.


Following two homeowner requests and evaluation by commission members, the decision was made to remove two Norway Maples at 347 Cedar Street and replace them with a species more suitable for under power lines.  Two tall Sugar Maples at 129 West College Street will be pruned and watched, but not removed at this time. Terry Hopkins and Darren Willey will re-visit the tree at 217 South Plum and trim those branches on the house.  The Blue Ash at 926 Burg Street is dying and, with exposed root structure presents a risk of falling into the road, so it will be removed.


The next meeting will be September 13th at 7:00 pm.

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