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Tree & Landscape Minutes May 10, 2016

 Granville Tree and Landscape Commission

May 10, 2016

Present: Don Hostetter, Lynne Kishler, Don Pheneger, Linda Reynolds, Jim Siegel

Guests:  Michelle Lerner, Darren Willey


Minutes of the April meeting were reviewed and approved.


Lyn Boone of the Cemetery Board had photos for us of the proposed spot for the commemorative tree to be planted in the Old Colony Burying Ground.  Don Hostetter provided her with information on tree species that will most likely work in that spot. She will get back to us with the board’s choice.


Opera House Park update – There is no news on the status of the bidding process. On May 23rd the plan for the park will be presented to the planning commission for approval. On May 18th, Don Hostetter will be meeting with Stephen Applegate and Steve Stilwell concerning reimbursement for damages to the park last summer.  St. Luke’s is moving forward with replacement of their lower windows -as we had recommended - prior to the renovation of the park.


Linda Reynolds has not gotten any response to a request for high school summer help for the Broadway flower beds. She has an employee from the Cherry Valley Lodge who is interested in part time work.


A Celebration Maple was planted in front of Granville Intermediate School on Arbor Day.  The fifth grade poster contest winners were Brooke Lemert, Morgan Parker, Taylor Smith, Emery Johnson, and Connor Pyle.  A photo and article appeared in The Sentinel.


The elm tree “cookie” was moved from Ron Mack’s garage to John Cooper’s workshop.  Marine varnish will be used, and it is expected to be finished by October.  Debi Walker will be coordinating the materials for the kiosk.  Don Hostetter has talked to Laura Evans about providing the facts for the timeline.


Granville received a Silver Award at the Tree City Awards Ceremony for earning a Growth Award for ten years.  There were only three communities in our district that earned Growth Awards.  Don Hostetter accepted the Tree City Award and thanked Michelle Lerner/Village Council and Darren Willey/Services Dept. for their support of the tree program.


Klauder Landscaping has planted the new village Christmas tree in the island. The plaque acknowledging the Sargent family for the donation is in place and a new spigot for watering is now nearby.



Michelle Lerner reported that resumes are coming in for the new village manager position.  There will be a “meet and greet” scheduled at the Bryn Du Mansion for the public to meet the final candidates.


Darren Willey reported that the services department ground a stump at 177 Bryn Du Drive and found utilities are located fairly high in the ground in that subdivision. 


Steve and Grace Michael of 273 East Maple St. have requested either a Redbud or a Thornless Cocksure Hawthorn be planted in the fall as an ash replacement. (site is on South Pearl St. side of the property)


The next meeting will be June 14th at 7:00 pm. 

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