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T & L Minutes November 20, 2018

Granville Tree and Landscape Commission

November 20, 2018

Present:  Don Hostetter, chairman; Lynne Kishler, Dick Mortensen, Don Pheneger

Guests: Jeremy King, Denison University; Tyler Stevenson, ODNR


Minutes of the October 9, 2018 meeting were distributed and approved.

The five open tree sites in front of businesses on East Broadway have been excavated and the soil prepared for planting by the Services Department. Two Autumn Blaze Maples, one Zelkova, one Silver Linden, and one London Plane Tree will fill the five sites. The smaller open site in front of Aladdin’s restaurant is compromised with utilities as well as being near a free-standing sign.  At this point, it is felt the spot is unsuitable for a tree, and would be better used for another type of landscaping.

The data and documentation is being prepared for Mollie Prasher to complete our application for Tree City USA which is due December 7th to urban forester Lisa Bowers.  Don Hostetter directed us to send our individual volunteer hours for 2018 to Mollie.

Our fall tree planting list of 42 trees will be planted in December by Mike Flood/Albyn’s Nursery.   Fourteen trees will be planted at Wildwood playground.  Tyler Stevenson asked about the preparation of the tree sites near the playground as the construction phase greatly disturbed and compacted the soil.  Don H. will advise Mike Flood that extra soil preparation may be needed for the trees to be successful.  Tyler also commented that the elms planned for the playground area will need to be pruned as elm trees grow quickly and need young tree pruning.

In addition to the trees to be planted in the business district sites, other species to be planted include Tulip Poplar, Sweet Gum, Sugar Maple, Japanese Tree Lilac, Yellowwood, Paperbark Maple, Spring Snow Crabapple, Hedge Maple, Sweetbay Magnolias, Red Horse Chestnut, Black Maple, Red Bud, American Elm, Star Magnolia, and Kousa Dogwood.  The list shows a support of diversity in our urban trees. 

Lynne Kishler gave a brief recap of the Fall Urban Forestry Conference held November 1, 2018 at the ODNR Central Office in Columbus.

Jeremy King reported that large Honey Locust trees were planted on the A Quad at Denison University.  New landscaping work will be done at Monomoy Place and also on the hillside above East College near North Plum St.  They are working with the Department of Fish and Wildlife to incorporate no-mow zones that will attract pollinators.  Soil testing will be conducted.

The next meeting will be December 11, 2018 at 7:00 pm.

T & L Minutes October 9, 2018

Granville Tree and Landscape Commission

October 9, 2018

Present:  Don Hostetter, chairman; Lynne Kishler, Dick Mortensen, Don Pheneger, Linda Reynolds

Guest:  Dave Black


Dave Black, 203 West Broadway, was present to request removal of a maple tree on the Mulberry St. side of his property.  Darren Willey has surveyed the tree and has advised that it is a hazard, based on a significant rotten area on the lower east side of the trunk.  We studied the pictures Dave provided and agreed that the tree should indeed be removed.

The minutes of the September 11th meeting were distributed and approved, with the correction that the term tree “pits” will be replaced with tree “sites” in referring to the locations in the business district.

Don Pheneger, Dick Mortensen, Darren Willey, and Lynne Kishler will attend the ODNR Fall Forestry Conference in Columbus on November 1st.

The revised plan for the proposed Orthopedic Specialists and Sports Medicine “Ackley Property” on East Newark-Granville Road was reviewed.  Dick asked about the existing trees that were on the property; Don H. said that our concern was expressed to them, but all removed in clear cut manner.  Overall, as before, we agreed that the selection of proposed new trees looks good. Following discussion, it was decided that Don H. will relay the following suggestions:

·         The line of elms along Newark-Granville Rd. should be interspersed with other species for diversity as a protection against future pests.

·         The yews/arborvitae selected should be varieties proven to be deer resistant.

·         The white pines in the plan are placed too close to other trees to allow for their size at maturity.  It was felt that many of the trees appeared to be too crowded together.  Better spacing could be accomplished by spreading them out a bit down the sides of the property.

Concerning the fall tree planting list, in working with the Granville Rec District, sites have been found for approximately fourteen new trees at Wildwood Playground.  Jurgen Pape has asked for seven at the Bryn Du Mansion, and six will be planted in the tree sites in front of the businesses on East Broadway.  Other tree locations include two locations on N. Pearl Street, S. Pearl Street, two locations on Summit Street, and Glyn Tawel Drive.

On Wednesday Don H., Don P., and Dick will meet with Craig Potaracke to finalize the tree sites and selections for his property on Glyn Tawel Drive.  Friday morning Don H., Don P., and Lynne will meet at Wildwood to firm up the tree sites, species selection, and to place stakes in the ground for the GRD to approve.

The next meeting will be November 20th at 7:00 pm.

T & L Minutes September 11, 2018

Granville Tree and Landscape Commission

September 11, 2018

Present:  Don Hostetter, chairman, Lynne Kishler, Dick Mortensen, Don Pheneger, Linda Reynolds,

                   Michelle Lerner, Village Council; Darren Willey, Services Dept.


Citizens’ comments – Shane Miller of 596 North Pearl St. came to request four new trees to replace trees lost since he purchased the house. One fell in the derecho in 2012, one was an ash that died, and two were damaged in a thunderstorm this spring. He complimented Darren and the Services Dept. on their neat work clearing the trees and grinding the stumps. Don Hostetter, Don Pheneger, and Lynne Kishler will meet with Shane tomorrow at 3:30 pm while they are looking at potential tree sites.

Minutes of the August 14 meeting, prepared by Don Hostetter, were approved.

Fall tree planting – Michelle Lerner of 234 North Pearl St. would also like one or two small trees on the Summit St. side of her property where a large tree was removed by her driveway.  There are overhead power lines.  She advised that another house on the south side of Summit St. has a potential tree site. Don H. has received a request for two trees at 126 Glyn Tawel Dr.  The readiness of Wildwood Playground to accept new trees was discussed.  Darren Willey advised that six trees came out ahead of the construction and two more are slated for removal. Don H. will contact Lesa Miller of the Granville Recreation District.

Tree Cookie – Don H. contacted Debi Walker Yost for an update, and she responded that the elm tree slice is most likely still at John Cooper’s.  The issue of finishing this project has again stalled. Don will follow up on moving it forward.

Tree Sites in the business district – Darren will be working with Tyler Stevenson on the rebuilding of the soil profile prior to the fall planting in the six open sites. There was some concern that there may be buried utilities on the south side of East Broadway in front of the businesses that could prevent deepening the sites as desired.

Don H. distributed landscaping plans for the proposed Ackley development/orthopedic and sports medicine facility development on Newark-Granville Rd. Don had added color coding to make them easier to decipher the tree species.  A discrepancy was noted - according to the legend, there is supposed to be one more Zelkova. The proposed plan does have the required amount of trees in accordance with the ordinances.  The commission found no issues with the species selection.  A more detailed plan will be following this one.

Darren advised there were three large trees recently removed from the south side of the100 block of West Broadway.

The next meeting will be October 9th at 7:00 pm.

T & L Minutes August 10, 2018 Special

Granville Tree and Landscape Commission

Friday work session   August 10, 2018

Present:  Don Hostetter, chairman, Don Pheneger, Dick Mortensen, Lynne Kishler, Tyler Stevenson, Darren Willey, Debi Walker Yost, Village Planner; Steve Smedley, Assistant Village Planner

Following the introductions, there was a brief overview of the memorial tree program.  Most inquiries are sent to the Bryn Du Mansion, but the T & L Commission can receive requests for memorial trees to be planted on public right-of-ways or parks, such as Wildwood.  There have been no requests recently.  Debi Walker Yost would like to offer more options for those seeking to do a memorial.  There are now many memorial green benches uptown, and she would like to see more trees, art, etc. and asked us to help generate ideas.

Don Hostetter gave an update on the uptown tree pits where six new trees will go in this fall.  Types previously discussed by the commission last winter were the Accolade Elm, the Pacific Sunset Maple, and Yellowwood.  Some concern was raised over the Yellowwood, as ODOT believed it was too likely to drop limbs and rejected it for the Thornwood Crossing area.  Tyler Stevenson suggested the Swamp White Oak as an alternative for the Yellowwood.

Debi asked for our long range goals for re-doing the tree pits.  Currently our plan is to have the pits dug at least a foot deeper, and to rebuild the soil profile, breaking up the existing compacted soil, and mixing in compost and amendments to set a best-planting site for the new trees.  Debi has a source for good compost. Tyler will work with Darren Willey on the soil preparation in the pits. He advised the soil should be mounded up to allow for settling, and we may need to top-dress the pits once the trees are in.


Various methods were discussed again to re-direct foot traffic, and thus compaction to the soil in the pits.  Salt-tolerant ornamental grasses and decorative low fencing remain favorite deterrents, however the decorative fencing could pose a tripping hazard. 

As it is now with the pits bordering the curb of the street, people leaving their cars and returning have to cross at least part of the tree pits to get to the sidewalk. Don Pheneger demonstrated this to us earlier. After studying photos of Newark’s new tree pits, done in coordination with major underground street construction, it was felt that allowing a narrow strip in front of the cars, bordering the curb allows a walkway for people to get around without actually stepping onto the pit.  It was felt that while we cannot move the pits, we could slide them back approximately eighteen inches from the curb.  Then perhaps the pavement could be cut back in toward the businesses eighteen inches, so the tree pit would remain the same size.

The narrow walkway could be done in a permeable brick or paver to allow water to seep through.  That could border the tree pit on both sides.  Tyler posed the question of how this could be accomplished with those pits with mature existing trees so that the overall look would be symmetrical.  Timing would be a consideration.  Unfortunately, the older trees in a few of the pits are struggling and will be removed in the coming years.  This could still be done in pits with younger trees.  Everyone was in agreement that this is a good, doable solution.

It has been noticed there is a need for more shade at the new Wildwood playground.  Tyler advised that there is considerable compaction and stripping of the soil from the construction process, and there should be soil rebuilding before planting sites are used.

Debi had copies of the plans for the new Ackley development on Newark-Granville Rd which will house an orthopedic medical building on thirteen acres.  Landscaping plans were preliminary; more detailed plans will follow.  She asked us to look at the North Prospect St. area for a location for possible bike racks.  The businesses have been asking for some to accommodate customers. 

Lynne Kishler had photos of planters used in the old section of Dublin that are attractive and could work on North Prospect where trees were removed and space is limited, and also in Harry Bolen Park to add color to that area.  Darren Willey has reinstalled the Harry Bolen plaque.

T & L Minutes July 10, 2018

Granville Tree and Landscape Commission

July 10, 2018

Present:  Don Hostetter, chairman, Lynne Kishler, Dick Mortensen, Don Pheneger, Linda Reynolds

Guest: Jeremy King, Denison University

Minutes of the June meeting were approved.

Concerning the elm tree slice or “cookie,” Don Hostetter has spoken with Debi Walker Yost and some progress is being made.  Debi has been in contact with Anita Carroll at the library who has been working with the board to decide the future location of the cookie.  Debi has also been in contact with Wade Eagle about bracketing or welding the cookie to a base.

Don Hostetter and Don Pheneger did a drive around July 6th to check on each of the trees planted last fall, and they found all were in good shape.

Don Hostetter will contact Darren Willey about reworking the soil in the tree pits downtown where the trees were removed. This would involve adding nutrients and compost to the existing soil. We are hoping it will be possible to dig at least an extra foot deeper. Don advised that the soil profile work will happen first, then the trees will be planted this fall, then the tree pit surrounds will be chosen and installed at a later date.

The Harry Bolen Park plaque that was removed during the excavation work done by St. Luke’s will be re-installed in the near future.  Robert Tripet, grandson of Harry Bolen, recently noticed it was not in the park and contacted the village to see if he could have it if it was not going to be used.  He was advised there are plans to have it reinstalled.

The Tour des Trees bike riders will come through Granville @10:00 am on Sunday, July 29th and make a rest stop at Denison University at Lamson Lodge.  There will be a brief program and the riders will donate a book to the children’s department at the library. Anita Carroll will accept the book.  Jeremy King will call us that week with the specifics.  Jeremy and Tyler Stevenson will arrange for the healthy snacks for the anticipated 80-100 riders.  Commission members will assist with manning the rest stop, greeting the riders and serving.

The next meeting will be August 14th at 7:00 pm.

T & L Minutes June 14, 2018

Granville Tree and Landscape Commission

June 12, 2018 (May meeting was cancelled due to weather.)

Present:  Don Hostetter, chairman, Lynne Kishler, Dick Mortensen, Don Pheneger, Tyler Stevenson

Guest:  Jordan Katz


Jordan Katz, 229 South Cherry St., presented his request for removal of a Norway Spruce on the east side of his property at the corner of S. Cherry and W. Maple Streets.  He had prepared copies of photos of the tree which leans away from the house and toward the street.  The ground next to the tree slopes at a steep angle. After studying the photos and members viewing the situation, it was recommended by the commission that the tree be removed as it presents a possible hazard.

Lisa Bowers, ODNR urban forester, recently emailed the ODA Invasive Plant Law, which was put into place January 2018.  The ban on Callery Pear trees will take effect in five years, or January 2023.

Currently, there is no news on status of the elm tree cookie display.  Three trees were removed by the village on the west side of North Prospect Street in the tree pits. Air spading and soil replacement was completed on three maple trees in tree pits on East Broadway on May 9th by McCullough’s Tree Service.

Mike Bethel of 318 E. College St. requested removal of a tree topped by a storm.  Don Pheneger has taken photos of the tree which has lost approximately the top third of the tree and is under power lines.  Don noted that the narrow treelawn at 325 E. College is open and clear of overhead wires.   A request for new trees, where there is room for possibly three, was received by Shane and Jeni Miller of 596 N. Pearl St.  The village previously removed three from that property, two osage orange and one locust. Tyler Stevenson advised us of a maple at the corner of Mulberry and W. College St. (the Tri Delta sorority house) with heavy limbs and a crack growing in the v of the trunk.

Following up on our spring seminar, attendance was low for our talk by Kevin Mercer on lawn care.  As attendance has remained disappointing for the last couple years, we may consider not offering these in the future.

The Arbor Day tree planting at the intermediate school was held April 27th.  The five winners were: Dallin Rothey, Brecken Kennedy, Isabella Merrigan, Emily Jesse, and Violet Davis. Mike Flood handled the planting of a London Planetree in front of the school. 

The Tour de Trees bicycle ride will stop for a rest break at Denison on the morning of July 29th. The tour raises money for the Tree Fund which funds research.  Jeremy King and Tyler Stevenson are coordinating this stopover in Granville and the Tree and Landscape Commission is assisting.  The ride is a part of the national meeting/seminar held in Columbus this year on August 3-5.  Tyler will be presenting one of the workshops.

The next meeting will be July 10th at 7:00.                                         

T & L Minutes April 10, 2018

Granville Tree and Landscape Commission

April 10, 2018

Present:  Don Hostetter, chairman, Lynne Kishler, Dick Mortenson, Don Pheneger

Guests: Michelle Lerner, Jon Miller, Tyler Stevenson, Jenna Hyman, Anita Carroll

Don Hostetter and Don Pheneger attended an Early Detection Workshop at Dawes Arboretum that focused on the Asian Longhorn Beetle (ALB.) Alerting the public to the signs of ALB infestation is important to early reporting and controlling an outbreak.  The beetles seem to prefer to start high in trees, so their presence may be spotted by those working in bucket trucks.  Don H. advised there is a very good tutorial available online.

Granville High School senior Jenna Hyman explained the proposal for a Take Action Project that involves eight students of Mr. Reding’s class. Student Olivia Rutherford had earlier outlined the project to plant wildflowers at Thornwood Crossing to attract monarchs and other pollinators.  They hope to make this a legacy plan that each year a group would continue this project. The services department will be mowing in that area which it actually ODOT’s land.  Don Pheneger suggested a few other species be included in their plant list such as milkweed and butterfly weed.  The students hope to plant in this area by the end of the school year, but realize they may only be able to lay the groundwork for the project to be accomplished next year.  Michelle Lerner, headmaster of the Welsh Hills School that would be closest to the plantings, has surveyed the area and offered her opinion of the best location - a bit of a plateau beyond the chain link fence to the rear of the school.  Don Hostetter advised that planting should not be up against the fence to avoid future issues.  Michelle offered the assistance of some of the students from Welsh Hills School, and mentioned that the Community Foundation would be having seeds available at the Farmer’s Market.  Darren Willey suggested another area for future consideration would be the Fanchion Lewis Park.  Don Hostetter summed it up by saying that we strongly support the project and asked Jenna to keep us informed.  Jenna and the other students will work with Michelle and Darren to define the exact dimensions and placement of the garden.

Anita Carroll, Library Director of the Granville Public Library, had the article from the Sentinel about the elm tree that died as a result of the Opera House fire in 1982. She is very interested in having the elm tree cookie at the library and is considering placement at the south end of the main floor in front of the window.  Anita would like to have historical photos integrated as part of the display and said the library board is “on board” with the idea.  There is the possibility of grant money to assist with the cost of the display.  There is also money remaining in the Bea Mack memorial fund.

The six dying trees have been removed from the downtown tree pits by the services department.  Don P. and Don H. examined three tree cookie slices from the trees removed. The rings were counted to determine the age of the trees. The commission is waiting to hear from Randy Ruggles of McCullough’s Tree Service on the timing for the air spading. The process will include examination of the roots of three trees to determine the need to cut or prune the roots and will include redoing the soil profile.  Don Hostetter said that the use of tree funds in the future may shift toward maintenance of existing trees. 

Darren reported that approximately six trees (including locust and zelkova) were removed in preparation for construction of the new Wildwood playground.  The question was raised as to whether the Rec Commission has plans for replanting. Also, the street tree in front of Whit’s is getting punky.   Following a request from business owners on North Prospect St. to remove a pear tree and a locust tree from in front of the businesses, and with the agreement of the commission, they were removed.  New trees, or other landscaping, will not be considered until the renovation of the fire department property is complete.

Don H. sent on to Mike Flood of Albyn’s Nursery a request that was received to remove three struggling Serviceberry trees from the property at the NW corner of North Granger and East College Streets, in the treelawn on the Granger St. side.  The homeowner is planning for the lawn to be redone. A Right-of-Way Permit will need to be issued. Darren mentioned that a recent power line replacement cut close to one of the trees and that he and Terry Hopkins have been watching the struggling trees.

Don H. prepared our approval and comments on the landscaping plans for the Eaton Woods project in February.  The commission also returned comments on the plans for the expansion to Middleton Senior Living. 

Tree City USA will be held in Grove City on April 19th. Don H., Don P., Dick, Lynne, and Darren will attend. Our annual seminar at the Bryn Du mansion will be April 24th at 7:00 pm with Kevin Mercer of Denison University speaking on turf management. Arbor Day will be observed with a tree planting at the intermediate school on April 27th at 2:15 pm.  Lynne Kishler has been in contact with the fifth grade teachers.

T & L Minutes Special March 16, 2018

Granville Tree and Landscape Commission

Friday work session

March 16, 2018

Present: Don Hostetter, Lynne Kishler, Dick Mortensen, Don Pheneger, Kevin Bennett

We studied the landscape plans for Middleton phases III and IV.  Comments included that white spruce would be a better choice than white pine.  Lacebark elm is a good choice but may be hard for nurseries to obtain.  We are okay with the choice of common hackberry. The proposed tree “buffer” between the new Middleton units and the highway is fine.  The plan calls for hostas and day lilies which will likely attract deer. We suggest other varieties be substituted.

Kevin Bennett explained Granville Township’s plans for upgrading the entrance to Maple Grove Cemetery. A house on the south side of South Maple St. was razed for the expansion and the building currently inside the gate will be removed.  The gate itself will be 21 feet wide and will be anchored by small buildings on either side.  Inside there will be restrooms, a map of the cemetery and records of those buried there, a room for a small service, a proposed columbarium for cremains, storage of landscape equipment, etc.  Kevin mentioned that Maple Grove is the only cemetery in Licking County without a veterans’ memorial.  The township is designing a small park just outside the south side of the gate (where the house stood) for that purpose.  The depth of the lot is 160 feet with a width of 40 feet. The lot slopes in the rear. Kevin had a potential design for a monument. We will need their hardscape plans before we can recommend plantings, but Don Hostetter suggested a large specimen tree, for example, a Pin Oak, for the back of the park.  Lynne Kishler suggested flowering trees/shrubs in the front that could be memorial plantings.  We look forward to receiving their final plans for the veterans’ park.

T & L Minutes March 13, 2018

Granville Tree and Landscape Commission

March 13, 2018

Present: Don Hostetter, Lynne Kishler, Dick Mortensen, Don Pheneger, Linda Reynolds

Guests: Darren Willey

Minutes of the February meeting were distributed and approved. Don Hostetter had copies for each of us of Denison student Aidan Eells’s final report on village trees. His oral presentation was in December.

Don Hostetter reported that Jon Miller, assistant village planner, met with the representatives from the library concerning the tree cookie originally planned for Opera House Park, and they are interested in having it displayed in the library. A representative of the library will meet with us in April to discuss the arrangements.

Five maples and one sycamore were removed on East Broadway the first week in March. The services department saved cookie sections for further study.  Don H., Don Pheneger, and Dick Mortensen met with Randy McCullough about the air spading of maples on the south side of Broadway, one west of the crosswalk and one in front of Windstream.  The work will be done early in the morning to lessen any disruption caused by the air spade. The services department will replace the soil in the tree pits.  McCullough’s will fertilize and add amendments.

Don H. prepared in detail our comments concerning the proposed landscape design for Eaton Woods.  Upon researching the specific choices, he found many to be acceptable choices.  The tree planting specifications were thorough and adhered to industry standards.

George Martin of Everest Gear on North Prospect St. requested the removal of the trees on the west side of the street between East Broadway and East College St.  Darren said the village has received complaints from the barber shop and others.  One tree fell on a truck parked in front of the businesses last year.  Darren Willey said the trees are pears and locusts.  Coming back in with new trees there would be difficult because the buildings are very close to the street. It was felt that evaluation of the existing trees and sites needs to be done.  We will wait for the construction/development of the block after the fire department is relocated before making a recommendation for any new plantings.

Darren reported that the large tree that fell during a snow storm in January on North Prospect north of East College Street was found to have roots that were rotting.  This is also what caused a tree to fall on the north side of Newark-Granville Road and Bryn Du Drive last summer.

We will meet Friday morning, March 16th to review the landscape plans for Middleton phases III and IV. There are 418 total plantings proposed.  Our immediate reaction is that there are too many white pines; we will suggest white spruce instead.  Also it was noted that many plantings may be attractive to deer.

Don H. received a call from Kevin Bennett.  The township is planning improvements to the entrance to Maple Grove Cemetery.  They are seeking recommendations for plantings on the south side where there will be a small park with a monument honoring Granville veterans. Kevin will be invited to our Friday morning meeting.

The next meeting will be April 10th at 7:00 pm.  Submitted by Lynne Kishler

T & L Minutes Special February 23, 2018

Granville Tree and Landscape Commission

Friday work session

February 23, 2018

Present:  Don Hostetter, Lynne Kishler, Don Pheneger

Debi Yost provided us with the landscape plans for the Eaton Woods development to be built on 57 acres on the north side of Newark-Granville Rd opposite Fackler’s.  The plans for the area are very aesthetically pleasing and the planting specifications for the trees and shrubs are spelled out in detail and conform to our requirements.  We had some questions about the spacing being adequate between trees, and about the specific varieties chosen.  Most notable was the fact that trees located on the plan were not identified.  So, a circle indicating a deciduous tree could be any of the four on the planting list.

Later that day Don Hostetter researched the plantings chosen and deemed all to be desirable for the area.  Our concerns were answered about some species, for example, the Musashino Zelkova is columnar with a spread of 15 feet.  Therefore, we can agree to the plant list chosen for the development.  Don did request, in a letter to the planning and zoning department, that specific sites on the plan indicate which species will be planted there.  Also, there was concern over the crabapples selected for the corner near the entrance.  Would there be enough clear room for driver visibility?

Discussion followed about the tree replacements for the beds on East Broadway.  Species discussed were the Accolade Elm, Pacific Sunset Maple or Norwegian Maple, Black Gum, and Yellowwood. 

T & L Minutes February 13, 2018

Granville Tree and Landscape Commission

February 13, 2018

Present: Don Hostetter, Lynne Kishler, Dick Mortensen, Don Pheneger, Linda Reynolds

Guests: Jeremy King, Michelle Lerner, Tyler Stevenson

Don Hostetter welcomed Tyler Stevenson as our new professional consultant, replacing Frits Rizor who moved out of the area.  The minutes of the January 9th meeting were distributed and approved. 

Don Hostetter prepared and sent an email to Debi Yost, village planner, outlining our reasoning for changing our proposal for installation of the tree cookie in Opera House Park to an indoor display.  Photos of the elm tree growing in front of the Opera House and of the cookie slice were included with his letter. The library was approached by the planning and zoning department about locating a movable display with the tree cookie at the library.  The library board has shown interest, so a meeting will be set up to discuss the possibility.

Removal of six dying trees on East Broadway in tree pits between the library and South Main Street will be done in mid to late March. Two trees will be selected for air spading by McCullough Tree Service, also to be completed soon. 

We have received confirmation that Granville has been recertified as a Tree City USA and Denison is again designated as a Tree Campus.  The Tree City USA event will take place April 19th, hosted by Grove City. Don Hostetter reported that Carie Kraner notified him that our Tree and Landscape budget will be the same this year as in 2017.

Kevin Mercer, Denison University’s new Grounds and Landscape Manager, will speak at our public forum at the Bryn Du Mansion on April 24th at 7 pm.  The topic will be Basic Lawn Care.  Don H. has sent the information to Bruce Cramer for their events listing.  Jeremy suggested that if there are certain themes we want Kevin to discuss that we ask him to cover those areas.  Also, Denison will prepare the flier to promote the forum.  Lynne Kishler suggested posting it at the Daffodil Show, which will be ten days prior.  Don Pheneger suggested we have it included in the Town & Gown newsletter. 


Darren Willey reported that the services department removed seven dead ash trees at Fanchion Lewis Park, and a few more will be removed in Bryn Du near the pond.  Dick Mortensen advised this spring we may see more damage to trees from this winter’s ice and freezing temperatures.

Jeremy King reported that a tree at approximately 309 Welsh Hills Rd. came down in the derecho in June 2012.  What remains standing appears to be hazardous as it is only about a foot from the roadway.  Darren is aware of the tree, and he and Terry Hopkins will look at it.  Welsh Hills Road will be repaved in 2019, so it will need to be removed as part of that project, if not before for safety concerns.  Both Jeremy and Tyler commented on the extensive and unsightly trimming done along Welsh Hills Road outside the village line.  Was this done by the county, the township, or a contractor? Both felt it was done without careful consideration given to leaving desirable trees, and that the effect will be erosion of the hillside.

The next meeting will be March13th at 7:00 pm.

T & L Minutes January 8, 2018

Granville Tree and Landscape Commission

January 9, 2018

Present:  Don Hostetter, Lynne Kishler, Dick Mortensen, Don Pheneger, Linda Reynolds

Guest:  Tyler Stevenson, ODNR Forestry Division

Minutes of the December 2017 meeting were distributed and approved with one correction.  It was noted that we do not have a copy of Aidan Eell’s report yet. Concerning our questioning the planting of arbor vitae for Thornwood Crossing, Tyler Stevenson advised that the western red cedar arbor vitae is less attractive to deer than other varieties.

There was considerable discussion of options for the elm tree cookie display.  Don Pheneger had prepared pictures of how the display could be fastened atop a canal stone base.  It was discussed that a base similar to the base that holds the bell in Opera House Park would also work. Don had included a picture of what the surface of the cookie could look like with dates labelled.

So far, an effective material has not been found for protecting the slice - one that will adequately withstand UV rays, extreme temperatures, etc.  As a result, the project has ceased to move forward.  Following up on discussions begun in December, Jeremy King had proposed the idea of having a moveable display located in a highly visible location indoors to get around the obstacle of exposure to the weather.  We continued brainstorming.  The plan has always been to return the elm tree to its original location. It was agreed that in order to move forward, we need to change our direction. Tyler Stevenson suggested that a full-size copy of the slice, in a weather-friendly material, could be put in the park, with the actual cookie kept at an indoor location.  Possible locations discussed for an indoor display were the Granville Public Library, the Bryn Du mansion, the Granville Historical Society museum, and the new Granville Fire Department station.  The possibility for more people to view and learn from it is an advantage.  Lynne Kishler added that beginning as an indoor display would not necessarily prevent it from moving to Opera House Park at some time in the future. Don Hostetter will present our new idea to Debi Yost and Jon Miller, and it will go before Zoning and Planning.

No date has yet been set for the removal of the dying trees in pits on East Broadway. Don Hostetter will be meeting with Darren Willey and Terry Hopkins to plan for the air spading of two maple trees that will hopefully be helped significantly by the treatment.

Lynne proposed that we formalize our plans for the re-working of the tree pits before the removal of the dying trees.  Items we desire for the pits includes: increasing the depth from three to four feet; replacing the existing soil with new soil, added nutrients, and compost; and planting at grade with special attention to the root flare.  Linda Reynolds and Don Pheneger suggested a decorative type of grass to discourage foot traffic. Linda will choose a suitable variety.  We will put together our guidelines along with the list of replacement trees.

The next meeting will be February 13th at 7:00 pm.

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