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Tree & Landscape Minutes May 31, 2019 Special Meeting

Friday work session, May 31, 2019

Present:  Don Hostetter, chairman, Dick Mortensen, Don Pheneger, Lynne Kishler, Darren Willey

We discussed temporary barriers for the new trees during the Fourth of July festivities.  Don Pheneger asked Darren Willey if the village has enough saw horses to make triangles around the trees; Darren said that could be done.  Snow fencing may be used also. 

The drive-around on May 17th found that the trees planted last fall were in very good shape with the exception of two that died at Wildwood Playground, a Zelkova and a Redbud.  Two other Zelkovas were not fully leafed-out.  Mike Flood says he expects those two Zelkovas will rebound and do well, and the two trees at the playground will be replaced.  He asked if we would like them to be replaced now or in the fall, and we agreed on waiting until the fall. 

Don H. shared an email he received from Dan Bellman about damage he noticed on the W. Broadway islands from farm equipment.  We were already aware of this.  As it has been a few years since we contacted the Granville Mill and worked on solutions, it is time to revisit the issue and strategies.  When we did this before, the number of incidents did decline. Damage usually occurs when there are lots of cars or trucks parked on W. Broadway, reducing the width to one lane.

Dick Mortensen contacted Mike Ecker at Dawes about counting the rings on the elm tree cookie slice.  Mike referred him to David Brandenburg who asked for cell phone photos of the cookie.  We will ask him if he could visit the cookie in person, either at John Cooper’s shop or at the library. Don H. reported that Anita Carroll from the library has communicated with John about moving the cookie to the library.  She advised Don that there is a member of the library board from Denison who might be able to count the rings for us.   

Concerning the veteran’s memorial and other new landscaping at the entrance to Maple Grove Cemetery, we will need more of an updated landscape plan before we can promise how many new trees we can accommodate in our fall planting list. Are there other sources of funds, like memorial donations?  Will the landscaping be done in stages over a couple years?

Tree & Landscape Minutes May 14, 2019

May 14, 2019

Present:  Lynne Kishler, Dick Mortensen, Don Pheneger, Linda Reynolds, Jeremy King, Darren Willey

Minutes of the April meeting were distributed and approved.

Citizens Comments:  Jeremy King addressed the issue of the existing trees on Newark-Granville Road that were all removed for the orthopedic facility construction.  He feels the immediate neighbors and Granville residents were wronged by this loss to the natural environment and that it should be voiced.   Michelle Lerner emailed that Village Planner Debi Walker Yost said this clear-cutting action should be covered in guidelines/ code so that it does not happen in the future in this irreversible way. 

Discussion followed about the need for protection of the new trees in front of the businesses on East Broadway during the Fourth of July celebration.  Darren Willey advised that the street department will be using snow fencing around other things as in the past.  Jeremy King suggested that a wood barrier could be built that would both protect the new trees and provide a place for fairgoers to sit or place fair food.  Two halves of a “table-like” structure with a hole in the middle for the tree trunk could be made and screwed together.  These could be assembled, then taken down and stored for the next event.  They could be used until a permanent barrier solution is installed.  He sketched a picture of what he had in mind and offered to make a prototype if time permitted.

Dick Mortensen attended the village council meeting concerning the landscaping plans for Maple Grove.  He stressed to council the need for soil testing to be conducted, along with the removal of debris before any planting is done in the lot where the house stood on East Maple St.  According to Mayor Melissa Hartfield that area was formerly a “road end” where items were sometimes dumped.

Don Hostetter and Don Pheneger attended an Arbor Day tree planting at Kendal of Granville April 26th.

The Arbor Day fifth grade poster contest, assembly, and tree planting ceremony was Friday, May 3rd at the intermediate school.  The winners were Sadie Cotts, Grey Smith, Sophia Hall, Liv Diehl, and Avery Staten. Due to rain, the assembly was held inside.  Mayor Hartfield, Lynne Kishler, Don Pheneger, Dick Mortensen, and Linda Reynolds did the program. Mike Flood of Albyn’s Nursery selected and placed a London Planetree in front of the school.  The posters were displayed in the village office window.

A drive-around was scheduled for Friday, May 17th at 1:30 pm to check on the trees planted last fall.


Darren advised that there will be a silver maple removed at Maple Grove Cemetery.  There will also be a few removals at the waste water treatment plant, on Mt. Parnassus, and two struggling trees on South Main Street will likely also be removed. The construction of the new street department building is progressing and the move from the current building will probably be the second week of July.  Much of the move will be done by street department employees. 

Jeremy advised that many trees were removed for a road for construction vehicles to access the site of a new dormitory.  He is now chairing a construction communications committee.  The new Eisner building will be open when classes begin in the fall.  Don Pheneger has been photographing the progress of the landscaping that is going in now. The dedication of the building will be held in October.  Ace Morgan Theatre will be torn down soon to make room for a parking lot.  There are also long-range plans for a new heating plant to replace the one on South Main St.

The next meeting will be June 11th at 7:00 pm.

Tree & Landscape Minutes April 9, 2019

April 9, 2019

Present: Don Hostetter, chairman; Lynne Kishler, Dick Mortensen, Don Pheneger

Guest:  Jurgen Pape

Minutes of the March meeting were distributed and approved.

Following up on AEP’s tree pruning in the village, it was found no complaints were brought to our attention.  The advance notice, and the fact that residents are now used to the cyclical trimming, seemed to help.  Lynne Kishler noted that one neighbor on Cherry St. commented to her that the trimming was handled very carefully at her home.  It was also noted that some of the trimming on West Broadway on the north side in front of Denison was more severe, with limbs removed that were much larger than the “four-year growth” trimming expected.

Tyler Stevenson gave an excellent talk on April 2nd on the planting of new shade trees at the state fairgrounds. In reviewing the commission’s yearly public talk at the Bryn Du Mansion, it was discussed that perhaps a change in venue might boost attendance.  Despite the ideal situation at Bryn Du, it may help to take the event to the audience.  It was discussed having it at Kendal, or maybe at Denison University in the future.

Don Hostetter compiled a response to the landscaping proposal for the veterans’ memorial at Maple Grove Cemetery based on our input.  This was sent to Kevin Bennett, Carl Jennings, Debi Walker Yost, Michelle Lerner, and Darren Willey on April 4th. One suggestion we feel necessary is that any lingering debris where the house stood on E. Maple St. needs to be removed – and not buried -before the area is planted to ensure success with future trees and shrubs.

Don Hostetter, Don Pheneger, Dick Mortensen, and Lynne Kishler will be attending the Tree City USA award ceremony at Capital University/Bexley on April 18th.

Lynne is firming up plans for the Arbor Day tree planting and poster contest with the fifth grade at Granville Intermediate School.  Due to state testing the week of National Arbor Day (April 26th), the school has asked that we postpone the event until May 3rd.  More information will be coming.

John Cooper advised Don H. that the tree cookie and the base will be finished by mid-April. The base is made of metal and 100-year-old oak boards.  Dick Mortensen suggested Mike Eckert should be approached about counting and interpreting the rings on the tree slice. 

Don Pheneger previously sent around via email a street tree manual published in Seattle. Don H. mentioned that it was stated in the publication that they flush out their tree pits to rinse out any salt residue, something for us to consider.

The next meeting will be May 14th at 7:00 pm.

Tree & Landscape Minutes February 12, 2019

Granville Tree and Landscape Commission

February 12, 2019


Present:  Don Hostetter, chairman; Lynne Kishler, Dick Mortensen, Don Pheneger, Linda Reynolds, Tyler Stevenson, ODNR; Michelle Lerner, Granville Village Council

Minutes of the January 8th meeting were distributed and approved.

 Don Hostetter relayed information from Darren Willey on the progress of the AEP trimming.  AEP had a somewhat slow start due to winter weather conditions.  They did complete the planning phase of identifying trees for clearance trimming, and notified and communicated with homeowner who will be impacted.  There has been discussion over the possible removal of two trees – a healthy oak in the 100 block of North Pearl St. that needs to be shaved on the east side for a second time, and one on Welsh Hills Rd. The decision was made that neither tree will be cut down yet.

The commission’s plan to survey the location of the new gate and structure at Maple Grove Cemetery has been postponed until conditions are not icy.  We have promised to provide a list of tree species and shrubs for the landscaping.  Don H. researched and found certain species have symbolism in cemeteries. He suggested holly be used. Don also checked with Kevin Bennett about any ordinances that would contradict/restrict planting in Maple Grove.  Kevin indicated there should not be any problems.  

The village received an estimate from ArborPro for an inventory to be completed on Granville’s trees and entered into a usable database. ArborPro gave a demonstration in December. Our first reaction is that the estimate seems high, but we estimated the number of trees and the actual number is likely lower. Tyler Stevenson feels that $5 per tree for inventory purposes is high.  After studying the estimate, he noted that it is important from a legal standpoint to include a risk assessment field, and that those risks should be prioritized according to industry standards.  Discussion followed about our needs, and those of the services department.  Michelle asked if this data would be added as a layer into Granville’s other maps for water, sewer, lighting, etc.  Who would have access to this inventory?  Don H. gave the example that the commission might need to know how many of a specific species Granville has, and where they are located. Tyler said that the ODNR can help identify our specific needs and put together a list on which bids could be made.  He also said that some municipalities complete their inventories over a certain number of years instead of all at once.  Cincinnati does this, surveying a portion of the city each year on a rotating basis, and that this is done in-house, based on their needs.  Would it be possible to have someone from the services department hired/trained to complete and update such an inventory so that we could do it in-house?  Michelle asked us to consider which has more priority – the uptown tree site improvements being considered, or the computerized inventory?

Linda proposed that three large flower pots could fit in the area in front of the Aladdin restaurant where it was deemed a street tree would not thrive or fit with existing signage.

April 2nd is the date of the commission’s yearly community talk at the Bryn Du Mansion.  Tyler will speak on the comprehensive tree planting project completed at the Ohio State fairgrounds.  Bexley is hosting Tree City USA April 18th at Capital University. 

The next meeting will be March 12th at 7:00 pm.

Tree & Landscape Minutes January 8, 2019

Granville Tree and Landscape Commission

January 8, 2019


Present: Don Hostetter, chairman; Lynne Kishler, Dick Mortensen, Don Pheneger, Linda Reynolds

Guests: Darren Willey, Services Dept; Kevin Bennett, Granville Township Trustee, Carl Jennings

Minutes of the December meeting were distributed and approved.

Kevin Bennett and Carl Jennings, representing the Granville Township Trustees, presented the revised plans for the new entrance to Maple Grove Cemetery.  The current gate has been in place for one hundred years.  The former plan we studied last year proved too costly to construct.  The somewhat scaled-back one-building version includes the same elements of a small chapel, office, restrooms, a columbarium, and a veterans’ park.  The width of the entrance will expand from a narrow 12’8” to 18-20’ which will accommodate vehicles better.

Members studied the plan as presented for the veterans’ park area where there will be a monument and each branch of the military will be represented in a semi-circle surrounded by ornamental deciduous trees.  They are seeking our suggestions for those as well as for landscaping to the southwest of the new structure where another arc of trees, perhaps conifers, could provide screening between the cemetery, building, and the adjacent house on East Maple St. They also desire suggestions for a specimen tree. One existing tree is leaning and in the way of construction and will need to be removed along with a cherry tree that is most likely too large to be moved.  Attempts will be made to save two other existing trees.  Both township and village crews will provide in-house landscaping clean-up, tree removal, and trimming. 

The commission will meet, weather permitting, on a Friday morning to look at the space and make recommendations for the site at Maple Grove.  Linda Reynolds will approach the Granville Garden Club about daffodil bulbs and other perennial plantings.

The species list for the new fire station to be constructed on South Main St. was reviewed again and discussed.  Armstrong Maples are a more compact and upright maple and should fit well.  Likewise, the proposed Norway Spruce (Cupressina) are conical in shape and grow 30-40 ft. tall and only 6-8 ft. wide. Don Hostetter will draft a letter of our acceptance of the fire station landscape plans.

Report from the Services Dept. – Darren Willey advised that AEP will assist the village in removing 6-8 trees, including any remaining ash trees, during their trimming in February.  AEP will be trimming for power line clearance back to the four-year growth mark. 

In response to questions about the “gator bags” used on the new trees at Thornwood Crossing , Darren said they cost approximately ten dollars each.  It required one worker 4-6 hours every few days to fill them with water.

The next meeting will be February 12th at 7:00 pm.


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