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Granville Village Manager

Steve Stilwell, Acting Village Manager

The Village of Granville is a home rule municipality that has adopted the Council-Manager form of government.Even though the Village of Granville is one of only 15 villages in the State of Ohio that have the Council-Manager plan, the Council-Manager form has become the most popular structure of local government in the United States since its establishment in Staunton, Virginia in 1908. Today, there are more than 3,000 local governments operating under the Council-Manager form in the United States.

The Council-Manager form combines the strong political leadership of elected officials with the strong managerial experience of an appointed manager. The power and authority to approve legislation and to set broad policy rests with the elected Village Council. The Council, in turn, hires a nonpartisan manager who has broad authority to oversee and manage the day-to-day operations of the Village departments.

The Granville Village Manager is the Chief Administrative Officer of the Municipality. Appointed by the Village Council, the Manager is responsible for the administration of all municipal affairs as assigned under the Charter of the Village of Granville. The Manager prepares and submits an annual budget and capital improvements program and administers the appropriations therein.

Granville Bicentennial Clock (Photo by, copyrighted)

Granville Bicentennial Clock (Photo by, copyrighted)

Employee Payroll / Compensation

The Village has thirty-six (36) full-time employees, 16 regular part-time employees and seaonal employees. Village Personnel Policy

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